ACF Views – Display ACF fields and Posts using shortcodes


The plugin allows you to display selected ACF fields or Posts anywhere using shortcodes, HTML markup is automatically created by the plugin.

Note: “ACF Views” plugin requires Advanced Custom Fields plugin to be enabled on your website (either Free or Pro version).

🌟 Display ACF fields and Posts

Solve all these scenarios without coding.

Nearly all plugins use Custom Post Types (CPT) to store their data. Plugins like WooCommerce call it Products, whatever they’re called the ACF Views plugin supports it all.

🕗 Less time with less effort

Better than coding. See why here.

  • Select fields from a list, no need to worry about their names and return types
  • Markup auto generated uses BEM method to avoid conflicts
  • UI to define selection filters, no need to worry about DB query arguments
  • Editing theme templates via FTP is in the past
  • CSS and JS code can be added without hassle
  • Built-in features, like pagination to save hours of coding

💡 How it works

View for ACF fields
Create a View and assign one or more custom fields, our plugin then generates a shortcode that you’ll use to display the field values to users. Style the output with the CSS field included in every View.

Card for post selections
Create a Card and assign posts (or CPT items), choose a View (that will be used to display each item) and our plugin generates a shortcode that you’ll use to display the set of posts. The list of posts can be assigned manually or dynamically with filters.

📚 Extensive Docs and Friendly Support

Our YouTube channel showcases the use of our plugin and its features, making it easier for new users to get started. See our Docs for step by step guides and for information about customization.
Questions about the Basic ACF Views plugin are handled through the support forum. Customers with an active Pro license have personal support via our support form.

Visit our website to get more information.

📢 Powerful features

  • Display built-in post fields (like title or thumbnail) along with ACF fields
  • Display post A in post B with its fields
  • Define custom CSS and JS
  • No style conflicts due to BEM method used
  • Combine ACF fields from two different field groups
  • Restrict visibility to specific user roles

🎯 High Performance

Every wrapper has some overhead. We do our best to make this number as small as possible. One unique ACF View/Card on a page would only effect this by 0.01 seconds* overhead compared to the usual way with coding. It’s impossible to notice these tiny numbers visually without testing it.
*More about the test here.

Get more with Pro

Do you need more? We have a Pro version with a lot more features:

  • HTML Markup can be edited
  • Filter posts by meta and taxonomies. Use AJAX pagination
  • Repeater and Group field types supported
  • Gallery field supports Masonry style and Lightbox
  • Relationship and Post Object fields have extended support
  • Custom Gutenberg blocks are generated on the fly
  • Plugin’s shortcodes can be added to pages/CPT items without editing code

See tutorials on our youtube channel.

🌍 Multilingual

ACF Views plugin supports translations.
Check your language status or help by translating ACF Views into your language here.

Video overview


  • Overview page takes you through all the main points
  • Get a basic setup in seconds with Demo import
  • Views list management via the familiar interface
  • Assign multiple fields within your View
  • Advanced tab allows you to add Custom CSS/JS Code
  • Display a set of posts with a Card
  • Posts can be filtered, sorted and styled


Installation for ACF Views

From your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Visit the Plugins list, click “Add New”
  2. Search for “ACF Views”
  3. Click “Install” and “Activate” ACF Views
  4. Visit the new menu item “ACF Views” to create your first View

See our plugin documentation for step-by-step tutorials.

Installation for ACF Views Pro

To purchase a Pro license key click here.
After payment you’ll receive an email with your license key which includes the ACF Views Pro plugin archive.

  1. Visit the Plugins list, click “Add New”, then click “Upload Plugin”
  2. Click on “Choose File” and locate the downloaded ACF Views Pro package, then click “Open”
  3. Click on “Install Now” and wait for the package to upload and install, then click “Activate Plugin”
    Note: ACF Views free will automatically be deactivated. You can safely delete ACF Views from the Plugins list. (Don’t worry, deleting the ACF Views plugin won’t delete your data.)
  4. In the Plugins list for ACF Views Pro click “Activate your Pro license”
  5. Copy and paste your Pro License Key, then click “Activate”

Enjoy all the features and settings ACF Views Pro has to offer with automatic updates.
Customers with an active Pro license have personal support via our support form.


Supported field types

All field types with values are supported.

Basic group

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Number
  • Range
  • Email
  • Url
  • Password

Content group

Choice group

  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Button Group
  • True false

Relational group

JQuery group

  • Google Map
  • Date Picker
  • Date Time Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Color Picker

Layout group

Custom fields not in the list of fields?

Only fields created using the official Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin are compatible with ACF Views. See list above for supported field types.

Can I display user fields?

Yes, you set up your field groups in ACF and assign those fields to your View, paste the shortcode in the target place, add the object-id=”$user$” argument to the shortcode to display the fields from the current user. See here for more about shortcode arguments.

Can I display fields from my options page?

Yes, you set up your field groups in ACF and assign those fields to your View, paste the shortcode in the target place, add the object-id=”options” argument to the shortcode to display the fields from the options page. See here for more about shortcode arguments.

Fields have been assigned but the page doesn’t show them

Have you checked that the fields are filled in the target object? See steps for creating an ACF View.

Can I display fields inside the Gutenberg Query Loop?

You can use the View shortcode inside the Gutenberg Query Loop element. Please make sure you’ve added it via the built-in Shortcode block, as it won’t work properly with other block types, like Code or Custom HTML.


01 May 2023
Finally, an easy-to-use solution to embed ACF galleries. Thanks!
14 April 2023
I am happy to provide a review for the ACF Views WordPress plugin and the outstanding support provided by Baxter. Firstly, I must say that the ACF Views plugin is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to display Advanced Custom Fields data in a variety of ways on their WordPress site. With this plugin, you can create custom views for your ACF data and display them in different formats such as tables, grids, lists, and more. The plugin is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners, and provides a range of customization options that allow you to fine-tune the appearance of your views. You can filter and sort your data, choose which fields to display, and even customize the layout using HTML and CSS. However, what sets ACF Views apart from other plugins is the fantastic support provided by their team. In particular, I had the pleasure of working with Baxter, who went above and beyond to help me resolve an issue I was having with the plugin. Baxter's support was simply mind-blowing. Not only did he respond promptly to my inquiry, but he also took the time to understand my issue and worked tirelessly to find a solution. His patience and expertise were invaluable, and he even provided me with custom code to help me achieve the desired outcome. Overall, I would highly recommend the ACF Views WordPress plugin to anyone looking to display their ACF data in a more dynamic and customizable way on their site. And with support as exceptional as Baxter's, you can rest assured that you will always have the help you need to get the most out of this powerful plugin.
05 April 2023
I love this plugin, I have searched everywhere and something was always missing, this is one of the most complete to work with ACF and for newbies like me. The support is great.
31 March 2023
Simple to use and well documented instructions inside the plugin helps you get forward. I love how it lets me modify the markup with HTML and CSS (in the paid version).
Read all 11 reviews

Contributors & Developers

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Interested in development?

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1.9.0 (2023-05-17):

  • Labels, descriptions: added support of multilingual
  • Date/time fields: added support of multilingual
  • Updated ACF api (acf-groups package version)
  • UX: improved labels

1.8.9 (2023-04-28):

  • Updated readme
  • UX (labels)

1.8.8 (2023-04-21):

  • View: fixed plugin’s $Taxonomy$ field group, added the delimiter support to it

1.8.7 (2023-04-20):

  • Updated readme
  • View: fixed taxonomy bug (didn’t support ‘appearance options’ with the Single values)
  • View: added the new ‘delimiter’ option for multiselect fields (‘select’, ‘post_object’, ‘page_link’, ‘relationship’, ‘taxonomy’, ‘user’,)
  • Improved PHP 8 support
  • Improved the Basic/Pro switcher process
  • Improved UX (labels)

1.8.6 (2023-03-16):

  • View: Improved UX (repeater/group fields stub is showed)
  • View: added support of Shortcode within the Gutenberg Query Loop (added a workaround)

1.8.5 (2023-02-18):

  • Fixed skipping Fields Groups from JSON only
  • Improved UX (hidden Pro banner)
  • Updated Readme (Installation tab)

1.8.4 (2023-02-01):

  • Improved support of block themes (CSS loading)
  • Updated Readme

1.8.3 (2023-01-31):

  • Improved Textarea support (auto converting ‘\n’ to ‘br’)
  • Fixed a Lightbox gap (from the plus svg at the bottom)
  • Updated Overview page
  • Updated Readme

1.8.2 (2023-01-18):

  • Shortcode ‘object-id’ argument: added support for the ‘$user$’ value
  • Updated contact links

1.8.1 (2023-01-16):

  • Fixed a syntax error and improved support of multilingual websites (‘trash’ option is missing in CPT for them)

1.8.0 (2023-01-13):

  • Improved CSS including: moved to the head tag
  • Improved saving process (JSON, excluded default values)
  • Improved UX (opcache conflict message)
  • Updated Docs link
  • Improved Analytics
  • Improved Conditional rules for Repeater fields

1.7.23 (2023-01-04):

  • Added a notice for admins (about opcache compatibility issue)
  • Minor improvements

1.7.22 (2023-01-02):

  • Fixed unnecessary output

1.7.21 (2023-01-02):

  • Minor improvements

1.7.20 (2022-12-16):

  • Added ‘options’ support to the ‘object-id’ argument
  • Updated readme
  • Updated Overview page
  • Added a survey link

1.7.19 (2022-11-23):

  • Updated YouTube video link

1.7.18 (2022-11-22):

  • Improved dashboard links (supporting of custom site urls, like

1.7.17 (2022-11-22):

  • Improved UX (labels)
  • Improved dashboard links (supporting of custom site urls, like

1.7.16 (2022-11-15):

  • Improved WooCommerce supporting (product loops)
  • Updated Readme, Overview page

1.7.15 (2022-11-08):

  • Improved UX (more read more links)

1.7.14 (2022-11-04):

  • View : improved author, image field types support
  • View : added taxonomies support

1.7.13 (2022-11-03):

  • Fixed bug with missing fields

1.7.12 (2022-11-02):

  • Improved code : no PHP warnings on the ACF options page
  • Readme

1.7.11 (2022-11-01):

  • View : supporting of the google map field
  • UX : links to Docs

1.7.10 (2022-10-28):

  • Bug fixed : automatic deactivation on activation of some plugins
  • UX improvement : removed automatic redirection to the Overview page
  • More supported field types : oembed, gallery, button_group, post_object, relationship, taxonomy, user

1.7.0 (2022-10-27):

  • View, Card : MountPoints feature
  • View, Card : improved CSS shortcuts

1.6.17 (2022-10-24):

  • Updated readme
  • Updated field labels

1.6.13 (2022-10-21):

  • Performance : improved caching

1.6.12 (2022-10-21):

  • Copy to clipboard : improved working on HTTP protocol, fixed the roles shortcode copying

1.6.11 (2022-10-21):

  • Copy to clipboard : improved working on HTTP protocol

1.6.10 (2022-10-21):

  • Demo import : fixed a bug
  • Gutenberg block feature : improved notice
  • Improvement : removed double slashing for View/Card fields in DB

1.6.0 (2022-10-21):

  • Performance improving : View/Card settings now in JSON from post_content instead of using postMeta
  • Gutenberg block feature : fixed a bug

1.5.10 (2022-10-17):

  • Card Shortcodes postbox : fixed wrong argument name
  • ACF dependency : improved links (to the local add-plugin page)
  • Improved redirection after activation (to use TRANSIENTS)
  • Automatic deactivation one of instances when both Basic & PRO activated
  • Added information about restricting access to View/Card by user roles
  • Added escaping output of plain field types
  • Improved import

1.5.0 (2022-10-13):

  • Downgraded ACF dependency from PRO to Basic
  • New shortcode arguments : user-with-roles, user-without-roles
  • Fixed ImageSize for repeater fields

1.4.10 (2022-10-12):

  • View : preview feature
  • Card : preview feature, custom variables filter
  • Improved ‘ACF PRO’ dependency notice

1.4.0 (2022-10-10):

  • View : reordered fields (new tab)
  • View : image size field : dynamic list instead of hard coded, $Post$ thumbnail support

1.3.1 (2022-10-04):

  • View : improved Gutenberg block description
  • Toolbar improved
  • Code structure improved
  • Filters added

1.3.0 (2022-09-30):

  • Backend optimization
  • Card : fixed CSS classes field
  • Card : new tab – “Layout”
  • View : improved UX (field settings is displayed only for specific field types)
  • View&Card : disabled autocomplete

1.2.1 (2022-09-28):

  • Overview page content
  • Demo imported error fixed
  • Demo import improved (added ACF Card)

1.2.0 (2022-09-27):

  • Card markup preview field
  • Card no posts found message
  • Preview of PRO fields
  • Admin Table bug fixed (select all)
  • clone item feature improved

1.1.1 (2022-09-25):

  • Markup and other improvements

1.1.0 (2022-09-20):

  • Markup improvements

1.0.11 (2022-09-19):

  • ACF Cards, readme

1.0.10 (2022-09-09):

  • Readme, assets

1.0.9 (2022-09-09):

  • Minor improvements, readme

1.0.8 (2022-09-01):

  • Improved code editor

1.0.7 (2022-08-31):

  • JS code feature
  • Link and Page_link field types

1.0.6 (2022-07-30):

  • Code improving

1.0.5 (2022-06-24):

  • Demo import feature

1.0.4 (2022-06-18):

  • Video review

1.0.3 (2022-06-09):

  • Readme

1.0.2 (2022-06-09):

  • Plugin’s version

1.0.1 (2022-06-09):

  • Screenshots, plugin’s version