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Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon


Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon plugin helps you to add or update Amazon Associate tag parameters in links.

The plugin automatically changes out shortened amazon links (e.g., that hide the Amazon Associate tag to a long-form link:

Why is this important?

Many website creators use shortened Amazon links. However, if you want to change your affiliate ID tag, you will need to manually find and replace these shortened links with articles.

This plugin will automatically find all shortened links on your website, and replace them with long links that embed your affiliate ID tag.

You save hours of time finding and replacing links, and can immediately start earning revenue to your Amazon Associates account.

Features of the Plugin

  • Automatically finds shortened links in all articles.
  • Expands the links to their original long-form.
  • Replaces the Amazon Associates affiliate ID tag to the one you provided.
  • Automatically replaces all links to their long-form with your own tag.
  • Ability to add “rel=nofollow” to links.


  1. Upload the Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon plugin to your wordpress website.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Then you’ll find the new menu items in sidebar.
  4. There you can enter desired tag and add/update all the links across website.


Why change from shortened to normal affiliate links?

  • Shortened links have an old or previous owner’s Amazon tracking ID embedded. You will not get credit for any sales generated.
  • Cannot use a Amazon specific plugins to manage the affiliate links.
  • Difficult to sell the website in the future since new buyer will have to change over affiliate ID tags.

Should I take a backup before using the plugin?

Yes! Take a backup before each update.

We are not liable if any issues are caused to your site. Backup is always recommended.

How can I verify the Amazon Affiliate link after being replaced is working?

If you would like to double check, you can use the Amazon Link Checker tool within your Amazon Associates account. Enter a final Amazon affiliate link outputted by the plugin from one of your articles into the tool to check whether the structure is correct.


23 October 2022
This plug truly does the job of expanding amazon links and even replacing with new tag. However, it adds many random irrelevant characters to your contents, replacing some of characters you had like apostrophe, comma e.t.c
26 August 2022
I wish I would have read reviews before I used this plugin. While it does the job of expanding shortened links and replacing the old Amazon account with the new one….it also destroys your entire site. For some reason it decides to convert all the apostrophies, quotes, and other punctuation to their unicode settings in the DB. When you run this plugin, every one of these punctuation marks (meaning all of them in your content…not just amazon links) get changed to something link ’ in the Database. The only way to fix it is to completely restore your DB. A major issue that happened to two of my sites that I used this on. Please read this review before you corrupt your entire site. A to the developer, please read these kinds of comments (I am not the only one reporting this) and either remove your plugin or fix it so you aren’t corrupting your users sites that trust you.
13 July 2022
It automatically adds their own affiliate ID “tag=wpamazify-21” to all my URLs, even after using the option to remove the tags, it added them at the last of the URL, they are running a scam here. Report it ASAP
15 June 2022
Hi This plugin shows it is working, shows the progress, and shows the list of pages that it has updated, but they still have short links of amazon, however it is actually not working. Get’s stuck at some point. Tested on multiple servers, all had issues. Please update your plugin or remove it, if it does not work!
04 June 2022
We have been experiencing this issue for months and couldn’t figure out the culprit. Finally realized it was this plugin. It was replacing multiple punctuation such as apostrophes and semicolons with random characters such as the euro and TM and others ’. SO FREAKING ANNOYING. No way to fix it easily it seems either. Fix your plugin before ruining other people’s affiliate sites.
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Contributors & Developers

“Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Release Date – 19 December 2019*
  • Plugin create
  • Add Support for short and full amazon links


  • Release Date – 29 December 2019*
  • Check permission per post/page during update/backup processes
  • Add ajax support


  • Release Date – 29 December 2019*
  • Add preloader icon
  • Fixed readme file
  • Make unique callback actions with prefixes


  • Release Date – 08 March 2020*
  • Add ability to make only expand shortended links
  • Add ability to add no-follow attribute for amazon links
  • Add ability to remove tags from affiliate tags


  • Release Date – 29 November 2021*
  • Update readme file


  • Release Date – 27 December 2021*
  • Update readme file
  • Update Settings page
  • Update Menu Links Title


  • Release Date – 10 February 2022*
  • Update readme file
  • Add Sidebar Container on Settings page