Bulk Term Generator – Import multiple tags, categories, and taxonomies easily


Are you tired of manually adding terms in WordPress one by one? Do you find CSV import plugins complex and restrictive? Enter Bulk Term Generator – a revolutionary WordPress plugin designed to streamline and simplify your taxonomy management process.

Bulk Term Generator allows you to seamlessly import multiple terms to your selected taxonomies in WordPress. Its powerful yet easy-to-use interface lets you copy and paste your terms, queue them up, and even select a parent term for hierarchy. No need for pre-formatted CSV files or meticulous manual entry. You can even specify the slug and description for each term, making your content even more search-friendly.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Bulk Term Generator gives you total control before you import your terms. With its unique ‘Preview’ feature, you can see exactly how your terms will be added and make any necessary changes before hitting the final “Generate Terms” button. Plus, you can edit or delete any queued term at any point with just a click.

Bulk Term Generator has been lauded as a ‘lifesaver’ and a ‘developer’s dream’ by our users, and we are confident you will think the same:

“It saved me DAYS of terms input! This plugin is the number one tool for developers.” – LuciaRed

“Recently used this for a client to import 43 terms in multiple hierarchical levels. So much quicker than going about it individually.” – Brian Fischer

“I tried a few other plugins to bulk add taxonomy terms but none of them were intuitive. This plugin is the only one that you’ll ever need. It does everything I expected and more!” – Andrew Schultz

Bulk Term Generator supports both English and Spanish, and we’re planning to add more languages in the future. Plus, it’s 100% free. No hidden costs or premium versions.

Join our growing community of efficient and happy WordPress users today. Choose Bulk Term Generator for your WordPress taxonomy management needs and experience how it makes the complex, simple.


  • Adding a big list of terms to a custom taxonomy, one per line. Optional: Specify the slug and/or description.
  • Preview the terms before they're generated.
  • Watch the terms being created in real time. Pause or Cancel at any point.
  • Adding or editing the slug and/or description before generating the terms is easy.


  1. Upload the folder bulk-term-generator to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Tools > Bulk Term Generator


Q. I need to add a comma to my term name or description, but this breaks things!
A. You can escape commas by adding backslash before it, like this: Boston\, MA

Q. Can I edit existing terms with this plugin?
A. No, this plugin is currently for adding new terms only. We may add this feature in the future.

Q. Can I set the meta fields for the terms I’m adding?
A. This plugin lets you set the slug and description for each term, but not other meta fields.

Q: Is it possible to import terms from a specific CSV file or external data source?
A: Bulk Term Generator doesn’t support importing terms directly from CSV files or external data sources. However, you can copy and paste your terms into the plugin’s interface, making it quick and convenient to import them.

Q: Can I schedule term imports to occur automatically at specific intervals?
A: Currently, Bulk Term Generator doesn’t have a built-in scheduling feature to automate term imports at specific intervals. Let us know if you’d like to see this feature added in the future.

Q: Does Bulk Term Generator handle hierarchical term structures?
A: Yes, Bulk Term Generator allows you to create hierarchical term structures by specifying parent terms during the import process. This feature simplifies the creation of complex taxonomies with nested terms.

Q: Can I import terms into multiple taxonomies simultaneously?
A: No, currently the only way to import terms is to select a single taxonomy first. However, you can import terms into multiple taxonomies by repeating the import process for each taxonomy.

Q: Can I export terms from WordPress using Bulk Term Generator?
A: No, Bulk Term Generator is primarily focused on importing terms into WordPress. It doesn’t provide an export functionality. For exporting terms, you may consider using other WordPress plugins or built-in WordPress export tools.


23 October 2020
Very easy to use and worked very well with no issues. Video tutorial is great. I created a custom taxonomy with the CPT UI plugin then I used this Bulk Term Generator plugin to add almost 100 items to my taxonomy in very quick time. Create the parent items first then the child items. It auto-creates the slug as well (unless you want to customise it). Also useful for my Woocommerce product categories as well. Thanks Nate.
29 June 2018
Update: Recently used this for a client to import 43 terms in multiple hierarchical levels. So much quicker than going about it individually. Adding all of the parents, then being able to select any term I've queued already to add children / grandchildren / great-grandchildren made this super quick. Had everything created in less than a minute. -- Old Review: So simple to use, perfect for adding hundreds of ingredients for my food blog!
23 September 2016 1 reply
I tried a few other plugins to bulk add taxonomy terms but none of them were intuitive. This plugin is the only one that you'll ever need. It does everything I expected and more! Kudos to the author!
03 September 2016 1 reply
Saved me a ton of time. Works flawlessly. I like how it lets me preview the import before actually doing it.
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