FundPress – WordPress Donation Plugin


What is FundPress?

WordPress donation plugin – FundPress is an all in one WordPress donation plugin, helping you create donation and crowdfunding campaigns on your website. By using FundPress, you can make a platform to find the resources and support you need to make your ideas come true.

FundPress is powerful and easy WordPress donate plugin to use. This plugin is inspired by Charity WP, a premium Charity WordPress Theme made by ThimPress. Consider using this theme to effectively kick start your charity and fundraising website.

Who should use FundPress?

FundPress is ideal for charity and nonprofit organizations, donation websites, and especially for websites with fundraising projects. It is easy to use and doesn’t require technical or coding knowledge to use.

What options does FundPress offer?

Multiple payment choices
The WordPress donation plugin is fully compatible with Paypal, Stripe, and AuthorizeNet, giving you the flexibility needed to run a donation website. Your visitors can choose the payment platform as they want, so there would be no obstacle in terms of payment, hence maximizing your project’s success rate.

Donate button widget
To help you build a sustainable website, we even included a donate widget for your site, so that not only campaigns on the site can be donated, even your website can receive donation money.

All Campaign page
Listing of all current charity and crowdfunding campaign with detail information of Goals, Raised, Percentage, Estimated Days Left… It is beautifully designed in a grid layout for the best experience.

Compensation plan page
You can easily create compensation plan in the backend of the website. This will tell people what they will get when giving away money for your project. These can be small rewards with a small thank you note, but these can help people feel happier when donating.

Single Campaign page
The single campaign page describes all information regarding a particular project. People can read, donate and interact with the content of donation campaigns in this page.

Send Emails to backers
This features will help you both keep in touch with your audiences, and send a formal thank you note to your backers, the kind people who support your website and your projects.

SEO Optimized
We know that SEO is an essential issue to everybody to be competitive and to be successful in this world. TP Donation is built in a way that is highly SEO friendly so that your website can thrive with organic users from search engines.

Excerpt, Cover image, and a great design
We not only care about how your system works technically, but also about how your website looks, perform and persuade people. That’s why the plugin’s UI is carefully designed with many elements that will make people stay on your website like Excerpts, Cover images… Your success motivates us.

Powerful backend
Unlike many other plugins, FundPress is built to last, just like your website is built to last. The foundation to that is to have a detail and systematic backend. You can easily manage campaigns, backers and settings of the plugin.

Connect with us

To stay in touch and update about FundPress’s future releases and features, you can connect with us via:
Website. On this website, we even have an exclusive support section for premium products. But we always want to help, so feel free to ask.


  • Archive donation page
  • Single donation page
  • Donation form popup
  • General setting of FundPress
  • Email setting
  • Checkout setting
  • Donate setting
  • General in campaign settings
  • Compensate in campaign settings


From your WordPress dashboard
1. Visit ‘Plugin > Add new’.
2. Search for ‘TP Donation’.
3. Activate TP Donation from your Plugins page.

1. Search, select and download TP Donation.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Dashboard.


What is FundPress ?

FundPress is a plugin to create a crowdfunding website, helping you find the support and the resources you need for your meaningful projects.

Where can I get support or talk to other users?

If you have any question regarding FundPress or other Donation plugins, currently, you can ask for help on our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter.
In the future, we are planning to build a community group on Facebook to discuss more about FundPress and how to build a successful donation website.

Which theme would be best to use this plugin?

FundPress can work effectively with almost all WordPress themes. However, for the best experience, it is our recommendation that you use it’s original theme – The WordPress Charity Theme | Charity WP.
For help with premium themes and add-ons, use our Forum Support.

Where can I report bugs or contribute to the project?

Since the plugin is new, currently we use Facebook and Twitter as our main method of communication, so if you have any ideas to make that project even better, or if you want to contribute something to the project, or report bugs, please don’t hesitate to message us on social media. Or email to our admins at


20 April 2019
This is a nice plugin. The ability to create various fundraising projects that has a progress bar is great. It does lack one feature that I find very important for a charitable nonprofit organization that should be included especially since this plugin is built around their Charity WP theme. It should have a method of receiving recurring donations. Recurring donations are highly important to any charity or nonprofit.
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Contributors & Developers

“FundPress – WordPress Donation Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




~ Added: Stripe SCA


~ Fixed: minor bug


~ Fixed: minor bug


~ Fix error some server not found CMB2_Hookup.php file


~ Update library CMB2


~ Fixed issue with calling session_start() when wp try to test rest-api for site-health feature (request timeout)
~ Normalized input data with the function ‘sanitize_params_submitted’


  • Restructure core


  • Fix convert currency issue


  • Update donate email process


  • Fix convert currency by yahoo API
  • Improve structure


  • Fix customer donate note
  • Update thank you donate page with PHP 7.x


  • Fix donate form error notice


  • Fix missing plugin settings


  • Fix donate checkout process
  • Fix Payment Method when system donate
  • Fix Stripe payment gateway on mobile


  • Allow edit Campaign Raised
  • Upgrade database Campaign count Donor
  • Gulp minify scripts, stylesheet
  • Start and End date campaign. Auto update status
  • Update switch currency rates( yahoo, google )
  • Payment gateways update. ( Form payment, Creditcard via Stripe )
  • Remove underscore template
  • Update thank-you page
  • Donate update order details
  • Donor sortable by email – phone
  • Donor update information
  • Add icon moon
  • Checkout logic
  • Allow change manual Campaign Total Raised