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Mash – Monetize, Earn, and Grow your Experiences w/ Bitcoin Lightning

Mash – Monetize, Earn, and Grow your Experiences w/ Bitcoin Lightning


This plugin lets you easily setup and configure Mash’s tools for publishers & creators on your WordPress site easily. Alternatively, you can add a small JavaScript code-snippet to your site as outlined in the setup flow in your Mash organization account.


Mash augments your site by letting your users donate to you, pay you for premium content access, interact with your content with stickers, emojis, gifs and other multiplayer experiences. You can also reward users with Bitcoin as they engage with your content to grow your site.

You’ll increase your audiences engagement, grow your audience, and add new revenue streams – all without requiring any developers or major changes to your site.

Mash Huba small widget to augment your site and engage users

Mash appears as a floating panel on the left side of your site that your users can interact with, and for you to prompt them to take action. They can donate easily, vote on experiences, support you with crowdfunding campaigns, and control their experience. They can also easily access their Mash wallet to support you with a click – without entering a credit card every time – or use another wallet like CashApp, even without ever signing up for a Mash account.

Donations – memes, for specifics causes, or food & beverage support

Request donations with spicy memes, for a specific cause that you care about, an item that you want to them to help you purchase, or to buy you a steak & coffee. Unlike other donations that require inputting a credit anytime and a large minimum, users can donate any amount, with one click – paying with Mash or any lightning wallet like CashApp. Mash also optimizes how frequently users are asked to donate based on how they engage with your site.

Page Revealers – charge any amount for access to premium content

Charge your users any-amount – even $0.01 or 1 sat – for access to individual premium content on your site. Unlike subscriptions, that require a large purchase commitments and inputting a credit card – your users can easily pay you with one click without other friction. You’ll convert more users and earn more. People are using Page Revealers for articles, blog posts, downloads, reviews, and videos.

Reactions – let users add emojis, stickers, memes and gifs to your content

Augment your site by providing a way for your users to add emojis, stickers, and animations to your content that your entire audience can see and engage with. Your audience will spend more time on-site, explore more content, and you’ll earn direct revenue when they purchase premium reactions to support you and share what they love most.

Rewards – provide Bitcoin rewards to users and grow your audience

Provide Bitcoin rewards to your audience automatically as they watch videos, read content, complete a quiz, or explore your site. You can do this as part of “treasure hunt” style giveaway campaigns and other marketing efforts to drive traffic, site discovery and exploration. Because you can reward lots of users globally with small amounts of Bitcoin, unlike other reward campaigns that usually only have one large winner, you’ll gain more support, grow page views and your audience faster, without any operational overhead.

Mash solutions for everywhere your audience is

You can also augment your social media, newsletter, link-in bio and and other places that your audience visits with Lightning Addresses & QR codes for Donations and Paid Voting & Crowdfunding Campaigns.


Mash is powered by Bitcoin and the Lightning Network because they’re open, decentralized, and interoperable. Anyone around the world can use Mash, for any amount – even a fraction of a penny – at immaterial cost.

Users can contribute with their Mash Wallet or any other lightning enabled wallet such as CashApp, Strike, or Kraken. Your users aren’t trapped into one platform or even creating an account with Mash, like they are with products like PayPal & Venmo. And there are no minimums for you to send your earnings, or your users to send funds, to another wallet.

Getting Started

Visit the Earn with Mash Web App to create your account and setup Mash. It should only take two minutes. You’ll get instructions for installing the Mash WordPress plugin, connecting your account and all Mash products & solutions outlined above.


We’re actively building lots of new solutions & products that might not be listed here. You can learn more, express interest in being an early partner to get early access, or be notified when it is broadly released by joining the waitlist.


  • Mash
  • Donations
  • Reactions
  • Community Events
  • Reward Campaigns


  1. Install the plugin through your main WordPress Dashboard normally available at https://YOURSITE/wp-admin/plugin-install.php. You can find detailed instructions in the Earn with Mash App.


  1. Download the plugin from the link at the top right of this page
  2. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Go to the Plugins page and activate the plugin.

Configure & Setup Mash for Your Site

Make sure you have an account to Earn with Mash to connect to your site and setup the experience. This account can be created here: https://app.mash.com/earn


How do I use this plugin?

Add your Earner Id from your Mash account, and select which pages & posts that you want the wallet to appear. Do the same for Boosts or use blocks or short-codes. The plugin will automatically add the necessary code to load the Mash Wallet & Content Monetization on the selected pages.

How to uninstall the plugin?

Simply deactivate and delete the plugin.


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Contributors & Developers

“Mash – Monetize, Earn, and Grow your Experiences w/ Bitcoin Lightning” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • MODIFIED: Fix readme text
  • REMOVED: Gutenburg Blocks


  • MODIFIED: Updated new Mash snippet
  • MODIFIED: Updated Mash assets
  • REMOVED: Shortcodes and inline components


  • MODIFIED: Updated Mash logo to latest


  • FIXED: Links for Customize actions


  • MODIFIED: Shortcodes to use updated web components
  • MODIFIED: Renamed Mash Paywall block to Mash Content Revealer
  • ADDED: mash_content_revealer shortcode, deprecated mash_paywall
  • ADDED: Additional configuration options for Mash Boost shortcode
  • ADDED: Additional configuration options for Mash Content Revealer


  • FIXED: Dashboard menu icon for Mash shows up now.


  • ADDED: New SDK initialization to allow Mash Platform configuration settings to take effect on wordpress site. This allow all configuration to be completed in the Mash Platform
  • MODIFIED: Revamped plugin settings page and simplified Mash Platform configuration.
  • REMOVED: Ability to configure where the Mash Wallet appears on your site. You can now be configure the Mash Wallet in the Mash Platform
  • REMOVED: Ability to configure boosts in the Plugin Settings. You can add Boosts through the Mash Platform


  • FIXED: Issue with boost shortcode colliding with previous, stale version


  • ADDED: Mash Paywall component shortcode and Gutenberg block


  • FIXED: Logic around boosts rendering on certain pages


  • FIXED: Radio button labels selecting correct option


  • FIXED: Wallet + Boosts not showing on all pages/posts
  • FIXED: Boosts showing on pages Wallet was not enabled


  • FIXED: Language in mash settings page
  • FIXED: Incorrect radio button labels for boost location


  • ADDED: Improved screenshots to plugin page
  • ADDED: Boosts descriptions to plugin settings page
  • FIXED: Copy around plugin description


  • FIXED: Drop default value from text columns since it is not supported in database


  • ADDED: Global boost configuration


  • ADDED: Mash boost button gutenberg block


  • ADDED: Mash boost button shortcode


  • Plugin released
  • ADDED: Mash Wallet Plugin core implementation