Export Orders to CSV/XML for WooCommerce


Easily export WooCommerce Orders to an XML or CSV file with the order add-on for WP All Export.

The Ultimate Plugin for WooCommerce Order Exports

“I have installed and tried 5 WooCommerce order export plugins. WP All Export is by far the best. It is super easy to use and it really exports all WooCommerce order fields and has many advanced features. And the support team is great: fast and very helpful. I truly recommend it.” -@fred1

This add-on works with WP All Export to export your WooCommerce orders quickly and easily:

  • Export WooCommerce orders to a custom CSV, Excel, or XML file.
  • Choose which order data to export : WP All Export’s Drag & Drop interface makes it easy to select exactly which WooCommerce order data you’d like to export.
  • Structure your order export file however you like : Rename CSV columns and XML elements, rearrange them, whatever you need to do.
  • Export all order data, even custom data : Many plugins add custom data to WooCommerce orders. You can export all of it with the WooCommerce Order Export Add-On for WP All Export.
  • Easy integration with WP All Import : Export with WP All Export and then import with WP All Import. Perfect for easy migrations and bulk editing WooCommerce orders in Excel.

Upgrade to Pro: Unlock Powerful WooCommerce Order Export Features

The WooCommerce Export Package contains WP All Export Pro and the WooCommerce Export Add-On Pro. This paid upgrade includes premium support and the following features:

  • Powerful filters : Create rules to determine exactly which orders end up in your export. Filter orders with dynamic dates like ‘last 7 days’, which products were ordered, the country the product was ordered from, and more.
  • Schedule order exports to run automatically : Order exports can be configured to run on any schedule. You can export new sales every week, every month, etc. This is especially convenient when sending WooCommerce order data to Zapier.
  • Send order exports to 1000+ apps. Using the integration magic of Zapier, you can send your WooCommerce order exports to services like email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and much more. This is especially powerful with scheduled exports.
  • Advanced WooCommerce order exports : Export even more order data, including Order Items, Taxes, Shipping, Fees, Discounts, Notes, and Refund data.
  • Developer friendly : WP All Export Pro has a variety of developer-friendly tools: pass data through PHP, combine export fields, fully customizable XML exports, and more.
  • Not just orders, everything: The WooCommerce Export Package is not limited to exporting WooCommerce Orders. You can export anything, including WooCommerce Products, images galleries, reviews, coupons… You can even export products to the Google Shopping network.

Buy With Confidence

  • Premium support: Fast, world-class support from a team of experts with over 9 years of experience in WordPress imports and exports.
  • Free updates for life: Pay once for unlimited installs, even client sites. No renewal fees.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee: Not 100% happy? Let us know and we’ll promptly send you a refund.

Learn more about the WooCommerce Export Package

Automatic Scheduling

A new service from Soflyy, Automatic Scheduling provides a simple interface for setting exports to run on a schedule. This service will ensure that your exports start on time and successfully complete without the need to set up individual cron jobs.

It costs $9/mo and can be used with WP All Export and WP All Import. You can set up as many exports and imports on as many sites as you like.

What information is shared with Soflyy? If you schedule an export, WP All Export will open an encrypted connection to Soflyy servers. It will send the license key, site URL, export ID, export security key, and the times that you want the export to run, and then take care of everything for you from that point forward.

Export WooCommerce Orders to CSV/Excel

A CSV is a text file, with each column separated by a comma. With WP All Export you can very easily set up a WooCommerce order CSV export and control the order and title of the columns.

Very often you’ll want to edit your data with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, or maybe something else. This is why CSV exports are so powerful: all spreadsheet software can read, edit, and save CSV files. WP All Export allows you to edit your WooCommerce order data using your preferred spreadsheet software.

Export WooCommerce Orders to XML

XML is a machine-readable file format often used to send data between two pieces of software. It is very similar to HTML and known for being a pain to deal with. When services require you to upload your data in XML, they also specify a precise schema describing exactly how it needs to be formatted. Thankfully, you don’t need to know anything about that in order to export WooCommerce orders to XML with WP All Export.

To set up a WooCommerce order XML export all you need to do is select ‘XML’ when configuring your export template. And just like a CSV export, an XML export will allow you to customize the element names and put them in any order you wish.

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Can I add product and customer attributes to my order exports?

Yes. The Pro version allows you to add any attributes associated with orders, including those from any theme, plugin, or WooCommerce extension.

Does the plugin output order line-item details?

Yes, the Pro version gives you access to all order items, product information, customer data, fees/discounts/refunds, taxes, shipping, and anything else associated with WooCommerce orders.

How many WooCommerce orders can I export at one time?

There is no limit to the number of orders you can export. The only limit is to the file size allowed by the server or imposed by your method of file transmission.

In either case, the WooCommerce Export Package allows you to avoid these constraints by splitting your order exports into multiple files based on record counts.

Can I export orders in different languages?

Yes, you can export WooCommerce order text in more than 40 languages when using the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML).

How do I get support?

If you are using the free version of the plugin, you can obtain support through the WordPress.org community forums. If you have purchased the pro version of the plugin, you can email us directly and we will respond as quickly as we can, typically in less than one business day.


17 June 2022
Good experiences with WP All Import and WP All Export for many years. Use these plugins on all our websites. Also for our WooCommerce web shops. Saves us a lot of time.
30 May 2022
The Export Orders to CSV/XML for WooCommerce is very simple to use. The filters to export some orders by date are sometime a bit confusing if you handle dates differently. But in general Export Orders to CSV/XML for WooCommerce does what it needs to do and the XML feature is a time safer.
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  • bug fix: fatal error when exporting Orders with PHP 8 and WooCommerce 6.5


  • improvement: PHP 8 compatibility


  • Initial release on WordPress.org.