PVT – Product Variation Table for WooCommerce


PVT – Product Variation Table for WooCommerce allows you to replace the default dropdown options of WooCommerce variable products and display your product variations in a beautiful and customizable table.

By default, WooCommerce offers a dropdown for the variable products so customers can choose between the size, color, and other available options. With the PVT – Product Variation Table for WooCommerce, you can display the available product variations in an easy-to-follow table. It also offers flexible options to customize the product variation table. Furthermore, customers will have the ability to filter and sort the available options by attributes, price, and other options.

PVT – Product Variation Table for WooCommerce offers ease both for the store owners and customers. It will help your customers to quickly browse through the available options and purchase the desired products. Thus, store owners will have a better chance to make a higher revenue from their store.

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Free Version: Feature Highlights of PVT – Product Variation Table for WooCommerce

⚙️ Control what columns to show or hide in the variations table.
⚙️ Select where you want the variations table to show up in the product page.
⚙️ Sort the table columns as you wish using easy drag’n drop tables in settings.
⚙️ Show or hide the “Available Options” button to scroll to the variation table when clicked.
⚙️ Customize “Available Options” and “Add to cart” button text.
⚙️ Choose Plus and Minus buttons to increase/decrease the quantity for each variation.
⚙️ Scroll to top or, redirect to cart page once a product is successfully carted.
⚙️ Display cart confirmation notice after a product successfully carted.
⚙️ Add subtotal columns to instantly display price updates when quantity changes
⚙️ Show or hide header of the variation table.
⚙️ Disable Add To Cart Button when a product variation is out of stock.
⚙️ Stop table breakdown on small devices to display it like large screen devices.
⚙️ Your store, your style! Use the shortcode [pvtfw_table_display] to include the variation table in your product description.
⚙️ Set a minimum width for the table that fits your theme and page layout.
⚙️ User-friendly horizontal scrollbar option for your table.
⚙️ Now PVT has a format for the +/- quantity field option; you are no longer dependent on the theme.
⚙️ Furthermore, you can hide the “Available Options” title above the variation table.

Advanced Version: Feature Highlights of PVT – Product Variation Table for WooCommerce


With the extended version of this plugin, you can take your product variation tables to the next level and increase your store sales with better user experience.

🎨 Bulk add to cart variation products.
🎨 Display Bulk Cart Notice and customize the notice text.
🎨 Display both variation table and dropdown.
🎨 Exclude out of stock variations from the table.
🎨 Resize variation thumbnail on the product table.
🎨 Show or hide variation table for individual product.
🎨 Show or hide variation table for a category.
🎨 Zoom variation thumbnail on the product table.
🎨 Enable thumbnail popup for variation products.
🎨 Display thumbnail popup gallery.
🎨 Show variation title with attributes on popup.
🎨 Search variations by typing your search keywords.
🎨 Disable variation table for mobile screen.
🎨 Pre-select all variations.
🎨 Variation Table Pagination.
🎨 Two different bulk variation table layout. Such as: checkbox style, quantity based bulk cart.
🎨 Display the number of selected items and the total price with the Bulk Cart button.
🎨 Add custom columns to variation table. How to add custom columns? Please check this article.
🎨 Replace the Add to Cart text from the Action Column with a Cart Icon. As a result, your product variation table will be more compact and beautiful.
🎨 Replace the Bulk Cart Text with a Cart Icon to make your product page more appealing
🎨 Display text “Out of Stock” replacing the disable quantity field for out-of-stock variations.
🎨 PVT Pro is now wishlist compatible; you can display the Add to Wishlist option in the table.
🎨 Compatible with Back In Stock Notifier Plugin; you can display the inline form/popup button in the table.
🎨 Support for the Min/Max Step control plugin empowers you to apply those rules inside the variation table too.

Currently, it has support for the following plugins:

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
TI WooCommerce Wishlist
Back In Stock Notifier for WooCommerce
Min/Max Quantities plugin

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  • WPXtension from left Menu.
  • Settings page of Product Variation Table For WooCommerce.
  • Layout page with +/- button or basic quantity input field and other option
  • The output of +/- button
  • Advanced Tab- Exlclude/Include Settings, Bulk Cart & Table Top Section
  • Advanced Tab- Thumbnail Settings Section


After downloading the ZIP file,

  1. Log in to the administrator panel.
  2. Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
  3. Click “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the downloaded zip file.
  4. You can control what columns you would show in variation table from WooCommerce -> Variation Table.

Once you have installed and activated the PVT – Product Variation Table for WooCommerce, your product variation has a new tabular look with the default plugin settings. You will find a new menu option under WPXtension. Hover over or click on WPXtension to find the new menu option called Variation Table (WPXtension > Variation Table).

Access the menu to make desired customizations to the default plugin settings. First of all, under the settings tab you have the option to control where you want to place the variation table on the product page. Secondly, you have the option to select the columns for your product variation table. You can include the following options: Thumbnail, SKU, Description, Attributes, Dimensions, Weight, Stock, Price, Quantity, Action.

How much would you love to reposition the columns of your variation table! Apart from enabling or disabling specific table columns, you can also reposition them as you wish. The drag and drop option offers perfect flexibility to reposition the table columns. Additionally, on the right-hand side, there are up and down arrows to move a table column in your desired direction.

Next, you have the option to show or hide the Available Options button. You can customize the text from Available Options to anything you want. Furthermore, you can change the Cart button text from Add To Cart to something more meaningful for your store or customers.

Under the Layout tab, first of all, you will find the Element Settings section. The Quantity Field Layout gives you the option to add +/- input to increase or decrease product quantity in the quantity field. Note: this feature requires theme support so if it does not take effect for you, do not bother. Next, you can set a scroll to the top of the page when a product is successfully carted. Finally, you can choose to display a Cart Confirmation Notice when a product is successfully added to the cart. Another new option is the subtotal column. Including this tab will show instant price changes when the quantity field is updated.

Table Customization Option is the next section to give you more visual control of the table. You will find the option to control(show/hide) the table header for your Product Variation Table. With the Stop Table Breakdown option, you can choose the table layout for mobile devices. So can either set the table to breakdown on small devices or display them just like the large screen devices. Next comes Horizontal Scrollbar to give your customers proper browsing ability to check complete product details. Finally, you can restrict the minimum width for your Product Variation Table from the Table Minimum Width.

Hit the Save Changes button when you are done with the customization. Congratulations, you have brought a new shopping experience for your customers.

Benefits of using PVT – Product Variation Table for WooCommerce

🥳 Bring a new and professional look for your variable products.
🥳 Reduce customer hesitation and hardship by displaying all available options at once.
🥳 Offer a better shopping experience for your customers and save their time.
🥳 Responsive design offers an outstanding shopping experience on all devices.


What is the purpose of the PVT – Product Variation Table for WooCommerce?

PVT – Product Variation Table for WooCommerce replaces the default dropdown options of WooCommerce with a professional-looking table that is empowered with filter by attributes feature.

Can this plugin show the product variation table on the shop/archive pages?

No, it only displays the product variation table on the single product/product details pages.

How to include/exclude an attribute in the variation table?

All the available options are listed with a checkbox beside them. Simply check the options that you want to include in your product variation table.

Can I change the Add to Cart button text?

Yes, you can change this from the plugin settings.

Do you have a hook to add my custom code before and after the variation table?

Yes, Currently, there are two available hooks to add custom text before and after the table. The available hooks are:

Before Table Hook: pvtfw_variation_table_before
After Table Hook: pvtfw_variation_table_after


function PVT_custom(){
    echo "My custom text";
add_action('pvtfw_variation_table_before', 'PVT_custom');

After updating PVT(1.4.14 or greater than 1.4.14) the quantity field (+/- button) style seems different, Can I use the theme provided design?

You can add the following code inside your child theme’s functions.php file. We recommend using a child theme rather than the main/parent theme.

remove_filter( 'pvt_print_qty_field', 'pvt_display_qty_field', 10, 1 );
add_filter( 'pvt_print_qty_field', function( $value ){ return woocommerce_quantity_input($value); });

Suggestion: You can also add the snippet using a plugin called Code Snippets


05 June 2024
PVT works great for displaying product variations in table form. Support team offered amazing support to get everything running as required, great service & product!
16 December 2023
The plugin is excellent—it performs its intended functions. After the initial basic version, we decided to upgrade to the premium for additional features. We required a few customizations, and the support team was impressively responsive. They quickly addressed all our requests. Excellent support! We highly recommend this plugin. 😀
10 October 2023
Support helped me customize the placement of table components. They were very helpful and fast.
06 September 2023
I can’t express how thrilled I am with the “Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT” plugin! It has transformed my WooCommerce store in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Here’s why I’m giving it a solid five-star rating: Effortless Product Management: PVT has simplified the management of product variations on my website. Creating and organizing variations has never been easier, making my store’s backend work a breeze. User-Friendly Interface: The user interface is intuitive and well-designed. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll find it easy to navigate and configure. It’s a lifesaver for anyone looking to streamline their WooCommerce store. Seamless Integration: The plugin integrates seamlessly with my WooCommerce store, and I haven’t experienced any conflicts with other plugins or themes. It’s like it was tailor-made for my website. Lightning-Fast Support: The support team behind PVT is nothing short of amazing. I reached out with a few questions, and they responded promptly, providing solutions that worked like a charm. Their efficiency and dedication to customer satisfaction are commendable. Enhanced Shopping Experience: PVT has significantly improved the shopping experience for my customers. The product variation tables are informative, easy to use, and have led to increased sales and conversions on my site. In conclusion, the “Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT” is a game-changer for anyone running a WooCommerce store. It simplifies product management, enhances the user experience, and comes with top-notch support. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to install this plugin, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to take their WooCommerce store to the next level. Five stars all the way!
12 July 2023
I have got an issue with the latest update of this fantastic plugin and I have opened a new thread in the support forum. After only an hour and 3 minutes the problem was solved and a new update released for download in the WordPress repository. Need I say more? Chapeau!
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Contributors & Developers

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1.5.1 [11-07-2024] Thursday

  • Add: Display Stock Status if the Manage Quantity and Stock Quantity fields are not enabled and added.
  • Update: Script and readme.txt .
  • Tested: WooCommerce 9.1.0.

1.5.0 [07-06-2024] Friday

  • Security: Checked plugin code using PCP (Plugin Check Plugin).
  • Security: Nonce sanitize applied for Ajax Add-to-cart button.
  • Codebase: Changed the content-tbody.php to display quantity input field.
  • Dev: Added pvt_global_attribute_terms, pvt_custom_attribute_terms filters. Replaced this hook pvt_print_plus_minus_qty_field with pvt_print_qty_field
  • Fix: Subtotal column calculation issue if different quantity number added for specific variation.
  • Fix: Subtotal JS for Stock out variation.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 8.9

1.4.22 [27-04-2024] Saturday

  • Fix: Notice after carting an item to display the variation not only the product name.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 8.8 & WordPress 6.5.

1.4.21 [27-02-2024] Tuesday

  • Fix: Decoded term slug if another language applied.
  • Fix: Hidden quantity field if stock amount is 1.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 8.6.

1.4.20 [31-12-2023] Sunday

  • Update: Multisite condition revised. Now it will work if enabled in Network Admin or enabled in sub sites (but disabled in Netword Admin).
  • Update: Shortcode will work on any product type (Simple/Grouped/External). But the given Product ID should be a variable product.
  • Tweak: Updated the icon font-family to resolve the conflict with another theme/plugin (Which is using the same unicode).

1.4.19 [13-12-2023] Wednesday

  • Fix: Plugin activation in multisite dependency.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 8.4.

1.4.18 [05-12-2023] Tuesday

  • Fix: +/- quantity field script file.
  • Fix: +/- quantity field style file.
  • Added: Hook pvtfw_available_options_btn_text for translating the dynamic text.
  • Added: Hook pvtfw_before_table_block & pvtfw_after_table_block.
  • Added: Whole table (up & down part) wrapped with pvtfw_init_variation_table <div> for better control.

1.4.17 [22-11-2023] Wednesday

  • Update: content-tbody.php script, to pass more value to pvt_woocommerce_quantity_input_args.
  • Fix: Subtotal column price for undefined value when quantity field is disabled.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 8.3.1.

1.4.16 [14-11-2023] Tuesday

  • Update: content-tbody.php script.
  • Update: Translation correction.
  • Fix: Design issue of +/- button of quantity field for the block themes like- Twenty Twenty-Four, Twenty Twenty-Three, etc.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.4 & WooCommerce 8.2.2.

1.4.15 [04-11-2023] Saturday

  • Update: +/- quantity field compatibility with Astra theme.
  • Update: HPOS support.
  • Tweak: Initialize quantity field markup.

1.4.14 [24-10-2023] Tuesday

  • Feature: Updated the +/- quantity field option. PVT has its own quantity field now.
  • Feature: Enabel or, disable Available Options title at the top of the table.
  • Tweak: Updated the JS for new field.
  • Tweak: Updated content-tbody.php, argumets added for wp_parse_args.
  • Tweak: Added filter for basic input value woocommerce_quantity_input_min.
  • Dev: Added filter pvt_print_plus_minus_qty_field.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 8.2+.

1.4.13 [08-10-2023] Sunday

  • Update: content-tbody.php file optimized.
  • Added: Reset link for column ordering & plugin settings.
  • Fix: Minor CSS for Plugin Settings Page.
  • Dev: woocommerce_quantity_input_args changed to pvt_woocommerce_quantity_input_args.
  • Tweak: Conditional variable replacement for code optimizing.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.3 & WooCommerce 8.1+.

1.4.12 [12-07-2023] Sunday

  • Fix: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method for product types except variable proudct type.

1.4.11 [11-07-2023] Saturday

  • Fix: Warning Invalid argument supplied for foreach() if prices are empty. Now PVT will act as default WooCommerce does.
  • Dev: Changed files- class_pvtfw_print_table.php & class_pvtfw_available_btn
  • Fix: Removed condition of checking only for price column heading is pressed or not for sorting.

1.4.10 [14-06-2023] Wednesday

  • Fix: Sorting price column, in past it was getting prices as string.
  • Added: Sorting arrow for the subtotal column.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.8+.

1.4.9 [02-06-2023]

  • Enhancement: Useful Plugins submenu kept at the bottom of the list for easy access.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.2+ & WooCommerce 7.7+.

1.4.8 [24-03-2023]

  • Tweak: Typo fix in plugin settings page.
  • Dev: Script updated.
  • Enhancement: Plugin version badge.
  • Enhancement: Shortcode listed in plugin setting page.
  • Added: .pot file inside languages folder.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.5.

1.4.7 [22-01-2023]

  • Dev: A filter added pvt_skip_some_variation
  • Enhancement: Plugin settings and badge.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.3.

1.4.6 [08-12-2022]

  • Fix: Warning: Undefined array key
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.1.1.

1.4.5 [26-10-2022]

  • Enhancement: Displaying included tax with price in sub total column. If it enabled from WooCommerce settings.
  • Dev: [pvtfw_table_display] shortcode updated, can be passed product id to get a specific products variations. For example: [pvtfw_table_display id="91"].
  • Dev: Added pvtfw_num_of_decimal filter hook, to remove decimal number after the price.
  • Dev: Added more filter hooks for option array: pvtfw_table_sku, pvtfw_table_variation_description, pvtfw_table_attributes, pvtfw_table_dimensions_html, pvtfw_table_weight_html, pvtfw_table_availability_html. $single_variation parameter also passed for the listed hooks to get individual variation data.
  • Dev: Added classes for of variations table for better styling. For example: <tr class="pvt-tr-{product_id}-{unique_id}">

1.4.4 [10-09-2022]

  • Fix: Subtotal issue if currencey is not US Dollar or tax include/exclude text added with the pice.
  • Fix: Plugin Settings Page issue with boost.io plugin
  • Dev: Added pvtfw_subtotal_with_currency_symbol filter hook, to change price and currency symbol position.

1.4.3 [25-08-2022]

  • Fix: Error message is_type() on null in Elementor Tempalte preview mode.
  • Fix: Image CSS on Advanced Tab in Plugin Settings page.
  • Dev: Added pvtfw_action_th_title filter hook, to add a column title in action column.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 6.8.0.

1.4.2 [29-07-2022]

  • Feature: Redirect to the cart page after successful addition [if enabled from woocommerce settings].
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 6.7.0.
  • Dev: Changed the plugin page title and inserted inside the wrap.
  • Dev: Plugin setting page moved from WooCommerce menu to WPXtension menu.
  • Dev: Sidebar added in plugin setting page.
  • Dev: Added filters [woocommerce_quantity_input_min, woocommerce_quantity_input_max] to change the minimum and maximum value of basic and +/- quantity field.
  • Fixed: Typing mistake Our of Stock in Out of Stock Button string.
  • Fixed: Translate facility added for some hard string.

1.4.1 [09-06-2022]

  • Compatibility: whols plugin by WooLentor compatibility
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 6.5.1
  • Dev: Applied get_price_html rather than PVT price html
  • Dev: Kept backward compatibility for previous PVT price html

1.4.0 [12-03-2022]

  • Compatibility: added [hook]- pvtfw_price_html for Woo Discount Rules plugin
  • Dev: Passed value for pvtfw_row_cart_btn_oos and pvtfw_row_cart_btn_is to write own button style or add more button
  • Dev: Code restructured
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 6.3.1

1.3.15 [21-02-2022]

  • Fixed: Add to cart & Out of stock dynamic text translation issue.
  • Fixed: Applied filter for column title SKU and made it translatable.
  • Compatibility: Tested with WordPress 5.9
  • Compatibility: Tested with WooCommerce 6.2.0

1.3.14 [11-12-2021]

  • Fixed: Variation display issue (if not enabled)

1.3.13 [26-10-2021]

  • Feature: Subtotal Column added to display instant price after updating quantity field
  • Fixed: Infinity cart spinner after unchecking Cart Confirmation Notice for Ashe theme
  • Fixed: Removed single_add_to_cart_button class, to avoid unwanted behaviour of cart button
  • Fixed: Blank Mini cart issue resolved
  • Fixed: Table width applied with shortcode also
  • Dev- Backward compatibility added and heredoc replaced with sprintf
  • Dev- Filter hook added for button string

1.3.12 [16-09-2021]

  • Fixed: Infinity cart spinner after unchecking Cart Confirmation Notice
  • Fixed: Divi Theme mini cart quantity update

1.3.11 [14-09-2021]

  • Feature: Added scrollbar option
  • Feature: Added table minimum width option
  • Feature: Added an option to stop breakdown of table row on mobile screen

1.3.9 [27-07-2021]

  • Filter hooks added to change Table title (for both desktop & mobile)
  • [hooks]- pvtfw_columns_labels | pvtfw_image_link_title | pvtfw_price_html_title | pvtfw_variation_description_title | pvtfw_dimensions_html_title | pvtfw_weight_html_title | pvtfw_availability_html_title | pvtfw_quantity_title | pvtfw_action_title

1.3.8 [12-07-2021]

  • Fixed: Shortcode to display it on exact place

1.3.7 [11-07-2021]

  • Shortcode: [pvtfw_table_display] added for displaying table

1.3.6 [26-06-2021]

  • Priority pushed for some action hook
  • Rewrite facility added for hooks
  • Replaced init with template_redirect to push condition

1.3.5 [15-06-2021]

  • Column Position Switching Option Added
  • Added two new hooks to display before/after Variation Table
  • Translation problem for mobile version fixed
  • Display notice on frontend issue solved (if woocommerce not activated & installed)

1.3.4 [25-05-2021]

  • OOP implemented.
  • Table header on/off added
  • Cart Notice on/off added


  • Disbale Button if variant out of stock.
  • Two more table positioning added.

  • Fixed attribute so it now uses the actual name/label and not the slug.


  • Plus Minus button added for quantity.
  • Validation added for quantity using max stock quantity.
  • Translate issue solved


  • Languages folder added
  • Added textdomain with hard coded string
  • Some minor logical changes with condition


  • Add to cart AJAX notice problem solved
  • Added notification for both Success and Error


  • Compatibility issues fixed with currency changer plugin


  • Mobile variation attibute title issue solved
  • Table view updated with some css fixing
  • Cart button padding issue minimized


  • WooCommerce dependency issue minimized


  • CSS for loader


  • JS for loader


  • Attribute label displayed rather than slug.
  • Minor css changes.
  • Ajax cart animated loader implemented.


  • Minor css issues solved.
  • Ajax cart facility implemented.


  • Compatible with PHP versions.
  • Fix minor syntax error issues in older version of php.


  • Initial version.