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Get more social shares which can lead to more website traffic with the best WordPress social sharing plugin! Built by a group of social media marketing experts and world class developers who are obsessed with performance. Learn more at Warfare Plugins.

WordPress Sharing Plugin

Most WordPress social sharing plugins slow down your site, are not attractive, and don’t work the way you would hope. Social Warfare share buttons are both lightning fast and beautiful.

Not only will it never slow down your website like other sharing plugins, we give you the most attractive share buttons available that look great no matter what screen size or resolution.

Social Warfare has boosted social shares by 300% without slowing down my blog.
Eddie Gear – Professional Blogger

You can choose from the top social networks sharing buttons, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Mix
  • Mastodon

You can also choose where you want the share buttons to show up. Choose from the following placement options:

  • Above the post content
  • Below the post content
  • Both above and below the post content
  • None (or) Manual placement

We also give you the ability to have floating share buttons follow your readers down the screen when static (non-floating) buttons are not in view. This way the reader will always have easy access to your share buttons, no matter where they scroll on your page.

“This is by far the best looking social sharing plugin I have seen on the net!”
David Foster, Online Personality

Popular Posts Widget based on Social Share Counts

Wouldn’t you love to show what your most popular posts are based on the number of social shares they’ve received? Social Warfare allows you to do just that.

You can even choose to display most your popular posts based on which social network they were popular on!

Social Warfare’s Popular Posts widget allows you to display and customize the look with:

  • Post thumbnail images
  • Image and text size
  • Custom visual themes
  • Custom date range

Click to Tweet Quotes

A simple and effective way to create tweetable quotes right inside your posts or pages. This has proven to increase the average number of tweets per article dramatically.

Use Shortcodes to Manually Place Social Share Buttons Anywhere

If you want to place buttons in the middle of an article, you can with our [social_warfare] shortcode.

What if you wanted to add share buttons to a page but actually have them share out a different page altogether (like being able to share your Subscribe page from your Thank You)? Social Warfare allows you to do this!

If you’re experienced with PHP, you can also hook Social Warfare into your theme templates for hyper customization.

Content Protection

We’ve built our highly demanded Frame Buster right into Social Warfare so that you are protected from content hijackers seeking to place their advertisements on top of your content without your permission.

Social Warfare is by far the best social sharing plugin I’ve ever used. I recommend it to all of my clients.
Andrew Wilder, Marketing Consultant

Premium Social Sharing Options

Social Warfare – Pro license holders also get access to the following social network share buttons:

  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Yummly
  • WhatsApp
  • Pocket
  • Buffer
  • Hacker News
  • Flipboard
  • Email

In addition to the extra social networks, you can also reactivate, track and display Twitter tweet counts!

Pin All the Images

Enabling the Image Hover Pin Button will place a “Pin” button over top of every image inside of your content when a reader hovers their mouse over it. This makes every image on your page highly sharable to Pinterest!

Powerful Share Customization

Social Warfare is among the pioneers of customizing how your content is shared, particularly with Pinterest. The Social Warfare – Pro add-on allows you to decide exactly which image, title and description appears when your content is shared on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. This also applies to any other networks that use Open Graph data for social shares.

On top of that, you can upload a custom Pinterest image and write a custom description so that when someone clicks the pin button, the exact image you’ve chosen shows up with exactly the description you’ve written. No more hoping that your readers choose the best image and write an optimal description for you!

In addition to that, you can also write a custom tweet for when someone clicks on the Twitter button. The exact tweet you wrote will be displayed in the Twitter share box and Social Warfare will automatically add the link to your content and your @username to the end of it.

These capabilities are what professional social media marketers and bloggers have been waiting for.

Social Warfare – Pro Sharing Options, Custom Design and Placements

Customize which sharing networks you display, how your buttons look and where they show up.

You can choose from 6 different button shapes, 8 different color themes plus the ability to choose custom colors for your buttons. The design combinations are unlimited.

You will also get 6 different Click to Tweet styles and an option to create your own style via your theme’s CSS.

Minimum Social Proof

If you would prefer to only show counts after a certain minimum number of shares has been met (to avoid “negative social proof”), you can do that as well. Or if you’d rather just have no counts showing at all, just turn them off altogether.

Share Recovery: Your Lost Share Counts Returned!

Have you ever changed permalink structures, domain prefixes, connection protocols (http-https) or just flat out changed domains and ended up losing all your social share counts?

We’ve built a tool right into Social Warfare called Share Recovery which allows you to get back your lost share counts if you’ve ever had to modify your permalink settings.

Social Authorship, Twitter Cards, Rich Pins and More

It’s nice to have your stuff shared on social media, it’s even nicer when you get mentioned in the social share! With Social Warfare you can ensure that your authorship is always in place, including:

  • Facebook author and publisher attribution
  • Facebook app link (advanced users)
  • Twitter publisher and author attribution
  • “via @username” added to the ends of tweets
  • “via @username” added to the ends of pin descriptions

You can also activate Twitter Cards (Large Image Cards) so that tweets sent from your site are always media rich and much more likely to get engagement.

Our plugin also ensures that your site is Rich Pin ready so that your Pins look as good as possible.

Link Shortening, Analytics Campaign and Button-click Tracking

Shorten shared links automatically using your own Bitly credentials so you can track how many clicks are occurring on your links.

Additionally, if you’re a Google Analytics user, you can set up Analytics tracking so that each shared link contains a networks specific UTM tracking code. This way you can track all inbound links that come as a direct result of Social Warfare shares.

You can also activate Event Tracking so that you can also see in Google Analytics exactly how many times your buttons are clicked.

It is without question that Social Warfare is the most powerful social sharing plugin available for WordPress. You get all these premium features while still benefitting from a super-fast, light-weight code base.



Social Warfare is by far the best social-sharing-button plugin I’ve ever used. I recommend it to all of my clients.
Andrew Wilder, Consultant

It’s a beautiful, super lightweight, and highly customizable plugin. I love everything about it!
Rebekah Radice, Social Media Strategist

“This is BY FAR the best looking social sharing plugin I have seen on the net!”
David Foster, Online Personality

I use Social Warfare because it’s the only sharing plugin that can be customized to blend seamlessly with my branding.
Andrea Beltrami, Visual Marketer

Social Warfare has boosted social shares by 300% without slowing down my blog.
Eddie Gear – Professional Blogger

After installing Social Warfare I straight away saw an increase in social shares and traffic.
Robert Ryan, Professional Web Designer


This plugin provides 4 blocks.

  • Social Warfare
  • Click To Tweet
  • Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare
  • Pinterest Image


This section describes how to install the plugin.

  1. Upload the social-warfare directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Visit the ‘Social Warfare’ menu item in your admin sidebar


I downloaded this plugin but don’t have an Social Warfare – Pro license. How can I get one?

You can sign up for an Social Warfare premium license by visiting our website and choosing the package that best suits your needs.

How do I use the shortcodes?

Shortcodes are used like so: [social_warfare]. If you would like to specify a different share URL than the page you are placing the buttons on, you can use this format: [social_warfare post_id=”3″] where 3 is the ID number of the post or page you want to have shared.

Something isn’t working as expected. How can I get support?

We have a growing archive of Support Articles to help you address most questions and troubleshooting. If you wish to receive email support, you will need a Pro license.


03 November 2023 1 reply
This developer has serious issues: Accepts your order, takes your money, then blocks you from any contact using WordFence.
09 September 2023 1 reply
I’ve been using Social Warfare without issue for a couple of years. Maybe a month ago I noticed that the option to upload social images for blog posts disappeared. I hadn’t added any new plugins or changed themes – I just kept current with updating the existing ones – so I contacted support. I was told that it must be a conflict with my theme or a plugin, and their solution was to have me use a different theme (note I use a well-constructed theme built on Elementor Pro). Seriously?! I did deactivate all non-essential plugins, but that didn’t solve the issue either. Then I noticed that this plugin hasn’t been updated for the latest version of Wordpress. Hmmmm… I got this plugin specifically to hide Pinterest images, so I’ll be cancelling.
09 August 2022
You’ll be shooting in the dark just never knowing who is social sharing your posts/articles as the analytics don’t work; author knows this too. You’ll have no idea if users are sharing… yeah, just not worth it…
25 May 2022 1 reply
I have used Social Warfare for over 2 years. The support HAS NEVER been useful or helpful. I gave up on publishing the counts because it was too time consuming to send several emails to support; support only stalled if they replied at all. I am cancelling Social Warfare because they provide negative value.
03 May 2022 1 reply
This plugin might work a treat with smaller sites but was the biggest issue on a client’s site. In SWP’s defence this site has 16k+ posts and 1000+ visits per day. This information is from New Relic Application Performance Monitor. 12s of server use in one hour, just under Woocommerce and more than Yoast. 31.53% of all database calls.
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Changelog (5 Apr 2024)

  • Changed the visibility of $key property from private to public to allow external access and manipulation, enhancing the flexibility for class interactions.
  • Changed the visibility of $user_options property from private to public, enabling direct access to user options pulled from the database. This adjustment aims to streamline processes that require external manipulation of user options. (3 Apr 2024)

  • Implemented stricter attribute sanitization in SWP_Buttons_Panel_Shortcode class to enhance security and mitigate the risk of cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks through shortcode attributes. This update introduces a more rigorous sanitization process for all attributes passed through the shortcode handling mechanism. The sanitize_attributes method now applies basic sanitization using sanitize_text_field, followed by a secondary sanitization step using a regex pattern to remove any remaining special characters that could be used in malicious injections.
    • Enhanced sanitize_attributes method in SWP_Buttons_Panel_Shortcode class
    • Added regex pattern to remove special characters from attribute values after initial sanitization (21 Mar 2024)

  • Removed Facebook share count functionality, simplifying the display and enhancing performance.
    • Upgraded SWP_Database_Migration class to version, introducing new methods and improvements for database handling.
    • Fixed an initialization issue in the SWP_Database_Migration class, ensuring smooth operation and compatibility with the latest WordPress versions. (21 Mar 2024)

  • Updated social sharing buttons style, providing a modern look and improving user interface design. Issue #900 (
    • Removed Facebook share count functionality, simplifying the display and enhancing performance.
  • Upgraded SWP_Database_Migration class to version, introducing new methods and improvements for database handling.
  • Fixed an initialization issue in the SWP_Database_Migration class, ensuring smooth operation and compatibility with the latest WordPress versions.

4.4.6 (12 Mar 2024)

  • Upgraded to Facebook’s Graph API v18.0, ensuring compatibility and compliance with the latest API standards.
    • Deprecated Graph API v6.0 and v17.0 endpoints removed, aligning with Facebook’s 2-year lifecycle policy.
  • Implemented WordPress coding standards across the plugin to enhance code quality and consistency.
  • Fixed syntax errors and updated deprecated functions, resulting in improved performance.
  • Enhanced security measures, including fixes for potential vulnerabilities.
  • Corrected the orientation of the ‘X’ Logo, ensuring it displays correctly. Issue #887 (
  • Refactored the post_json function to utilize cURL directly, enhancing compatibility with the Bitly API and resolving previous link shortening issues.
  • Resolved Bitly link generation problem, ensuring short links are now created without issues. Issue #866 (
  • Addressed CSRF vulnerability by adding user authentication, nonce verification, and improving access secret handling.
  • Enhanced user privacy and streamlined performance by discontinuing Facebook share counter functionality. (11 Jan 2024)

  • Update SWP_Pro_Analytics_Database.php

4.4.5 (10 Jan 2024)

  • Removed Google Plus integration
    • Removed all instances and integrations of Google Plus from the plugin due to its discontinuation.
    • This removal includes any Google Plus social sharing buttons, links, and related code.

4.4.4 (23 OCT 2023)

  • Security patch: Prevent XSS vulnerabilities in the plugin
    • Escaped output in the generate_css_classes method to prevent potential XSS vulnerabilities.
    • Added validation and escaping in the get_min_width method to ensure input is safe from potential XSS vulnerabilities.

4.4.3 (19 OCT 2023)

  • Added a new Twitter branding

4.4.2 (30 AUG 2023)

  • Updated Graph API endpoint to v17.0
  • Changed Twitter button branding
  • Mastodon Added

4.4.1 (14 FEB 2023)

  • Replace some characters after they are converted to html entities.
  • Check for $attr key before trying to use them.
  • Update verbiage on Advanced tab Frame Buster.

4.4.0 (10 JAN 2023)

This update provides a nice, robust audit of the plugin. It ensures that the
plugin remains in full compliance with the latest WordPress requirements for
inclusion in the WordPress repository.

  • Removed the Update Checker from Free into Pro only.
  • Removed cURL calls in leiu of WordPress built in calls.
  • Ensure user has permission to make AJAX calls.
  • Removed <? php short tags.
  • Sanitize all inputs that come from outside sources.
  • Moved the CSS for jQuery UI to an internal asset.
  • Removed all branded logos from the header banner.
  • Removed the word WordPress from the beginning of the plugin name.
  • Added capability and nonce checks to AJAX calls.

4.3.0 (20 JUL 2020)

This is a major update to the Facebook share checking functionality of the plugin.

4.2.1 (07 DEC 2020)

The 4.2 release was a major release that introduced a whole suite of social analytics
tools. As you might imagine with a release featuring that many new features, and
new lines of code, there were a few hiccups along the way. But we’ve spent the weekend
getting them all fixed right up and now here we are with 4.2.1.

  • Fix for broken admin pages due to some JS errors on the analytics charts.
  • Fix for division by zero errors in the social optimizer PHP file.
  • Fix for a few other minor bugs and glitches.

4.2.0 (02 DEC 2020)

  • BRAND NEW!!! A whole suite of social analytics tools!
  • Social Optimizer scores are now saved allowing for comparisons and recommendations.
  • Added a check for share counts on URLs with UTM codes for Pinterest.
  • Fixed a few minor CSS issues.
  • Fix for line breaks in font URLs in the CSS that made the icon font not appear.
  • Fixed blank settings page on some page loads.
  • Cleaned up some post meta remnants.
  • Clean out share counts for buttons that don’t use share counts like “email” or “more”
  • Added a posts column to display the social optimization score.

4.1.0 (17 AUG 2020)

  • BRAND NEW!!! Added a “Social Optimizer” to the Gutenberg post editor sidebar.
  • Fixed a few minor CSS issues.
  • Updated the post editor custom fields to be compatible with WP 5.5.

4.0.2 (28 JUL 2020)

  • Added Facebook authentications to core to allow for faster and more reliable share counts when authenticated.
  • Added full AMP compatibility to the plugin.
  • Fixed the custom CSS field on the settings page so that it saves properly now.
  • Added dashboard notifications to alert users as to the state of their Facebook authentications.

4.0.1 (14 APR 2020)

  • New: Added the ability to connect Social Warfare with Facebook. We use this to fetch follow counts for pages and faster, more accurate share counts for the share buttons. Go to Social Warfare -> Social Identity -> Social Network Connections to get started.
  • New: Added a notice about clearing caches after updates.
  • New: Added additional share count debugging to the ?swp_debug=recover debugger.
  • Fixed: Fixed some CSS for the “more” share box overlay.
  • Fixed: Fixed a PHP error related to user options.
  • Maintenance: Adjusted the cache rebuild schedule.


  • New: Added the ability to assign multiple Pinterest images with a slick overlay interface.
  • New: Added a “More” button that brings up an overlay with all of the available share options.
  • New: Added social follow widget with lots of styles and options.
  • New: Added lots of new network buttons (Xing, VK, Viber, Blogger, Evernote)
  • New: Added a print button.
  • New: Added OpenShareCount API as a source for Tweet counts.
  • New: Added Rebrandly as a link shortening service.
  • New: Added a bunch of brand new shortcodes.
  • New: Added the ability to emphasize the first one or two buttons in the panel.
  • New: Added the ability to use ?swp_cache=rebuild&swp_debug=recovery to view the URL’s being checked for shares.
  • New: Converted all of the plugin’s CSS to neatly organized SCSS/SASS.
  • New: Updated a few styles in the admin options page.
  • New: Updated the descriptions and image placeholders for the Social Warfare custom options in the post editor.
  • New: Added an “opt-in” only “Powered by Social Warfare” that will automatically link to our site using your affiliate URL.
  • New: Added an “age of post” check for shortlinks.
  • New: Added the option to delay the display of share counts on new posts.
  • Fixed: Fixed an extra doctype that would sometimes get added to the content.
  • Fixed: Fixed some javascript/jQuery errors.
  • Fixed: Fixed some PHP errors.
  • Removed: Removed all instances of Google Plus.
  • Maintenance: Vastly improved codebase organization and documentation.

3.6.1 (3 JUN 2019)

  • Updated Hover Save Pin functionality to work more globally.
  • Fixed conflcit with hover pin button in Thrive Architect page builder.
  • Removed the Google Plus network share button.
  • Fixed an “Uncaught Error” for $ in the JS on the widgets page.
  • Fixed a Twitter PHP notice.

3.6.0 (2 MAY 2019)

  • Updated Hover Save Pin functionality to work more globally.
  • Updated how Facebook share counts are requested.
  • Fixed placement of hidden pinterest image.
  • Fixed double quotation marks breaking Click to Tweets.
  • Fixed the hover-pin-opt out checkbox in a post editor.
  • Fixed hover pin description source.
  • Fixed whitespace/new HTML document being created in buttons panels.
  • Fixed character encoding for tags.

3.5.4 (25 MAR 2019)

  • Code security audit and updates.

3.5.3 (21 MAR 2019)

  • Immediate security patch for 3.5.x

3.5.2 (19 MAR 2019)

  • Fixed tags for OG and Twitter Card.
  • Fixed source of Pinterest description when pinning from Save or Pinterest button.
  • Fixed empty ‘via’ being added to Pinterest description and Click to Tweet.
  • Updated addon registration and unregistration messages.
  • Updated icon font file and encoding.

3.5.1 (27 FEB 2019)

  • Fixed the total share displaying an incorrect value.
  • Fixed PHP notices about ‘undefined variable’.
  • Fixed floating buttons not showing or hiding as expected.
  • Fixed SWP Addon error.
  • Restored Custom Color CSS being applied to the page.

3.5.0 (26 FEB 2019)

  • Fixed the side floating buttons not showing on some themes.
  • Fixed ‘operand type’ notice when making cURL share count request.
  • Fixed the Pinterest description sometimes being too long when pinning.
  • Escaped the Pinterest description before sending to the client.
  • Fixed a missing @via tag for Click to Tweets.
  • Fixed the CSS selector for Gutenberg blocks.
  • Updated location of Total Shares and Share Counts options.
  • Updated og:image tags to include a name attribute (for LinkedIn).
  • Updated the Frame Buster feature.
  • Updated the pinterest button search & destroy method.
  • Fixed notice when there are no inactive icons.
  • Added interface for handling oAuth handshakes.

3.4.2 (13 DEC 2018)

  • Fixed floating bottom disappear on mobile when pro is deactivated.
  • Fixed blocks disappearing after Gutenberg update.
  • Fixed buttons accidentally showing up on pages created with content builders.

3.4.1 (4 DEC 2018)

  • Fixed JS error in Admin (TypeError $ is not defined)
  • Fixed placement of mobile floating buttons.
  • Fixed breakpoint transition for mobile buttons.
  • Fixed option registration when Pro is temporarily deactivated.
  • Updated cURL method so API requests are faster.
  • Removed references to Open Share Count.

3.4.0 (27 NOV 2018)

  • Props to our Warfare Community beta testers- you guys rock!
  • Added support for Gutenberg blocks Social Warfare and Click To Tweet (as of Gutenberg 4.5.1)
  • Added option in Advanced tab to disable Gutenberg blocks.
  • Added interactive components to the Admin sidebar.
  • Added a tooltip to network icons in the settings page.
  • Updated JS to open share links in windows instead of tabs.
  • Updated Social Warfare settings page to be mobile responsive.
  • Updated the cURL request timeout duration to be shorter.
  • Fixed extra whitespace when floating buttons are present on mobile.
  • Fixed bug during post caching which prevented shares from updating.
  • Fixed error ‘invalid argument supplied foreach’ regarding $network objects.
  • Fixed ‘Social Shares’ total counts column in Admin view.
  • Fixed Popular Posts widget from defaulting to the wrong post type.
  • Fixed use of ‘total’ and ‘totals’ in the [social_warfare] shortcode.
  • Fixed totals only appearing on one set of buttons.
  • Fixed minor cosmetic detail on the buttons panel (removed an underline).
  • Fixed tweet character encoding.
  • Refactored the script.js file (frontend JavaScript)

3.3.2 (14 SEP 2018)

  • Fixed a line of code that caused the ‘social_warfare()’ function to disappear.

3.3.1 (11 SEP 2018)

  • Fixed the URL for post editor placeholder images.
  • Fixed the Twitter Count toggle.
  • Added backward compatability for swp_kilomega().
  • Added compatability for mb_convert_encoding().

3.3.0 (11 SEP 2018)

  • Added CSS to hide buttons on print views.
  • Added Mix to the Social Networks.
  • Added “url” paramter to the shortcode.
  • Fixed plugin compatability issue with BuddyPress.
  • Fixed the decimal separator for share counts.
  • Updated the option-getting mechanism (global $swp_user_options is now deprecated).
  • Updated the sidebar in the Social Warfare settings page.
  • Updated the plugin file structure and organization.

3.2.1 (16 AUG 2018)

  • Fixed a minor DOMDocument warning that was appearing when data-pin-description was ON

3.2.0 (13 AUG 2018)

  • Shoutout to our Warfare Community beta testers- thank you so much!
  • Created shortcode for Pinterest Image.
  • Created Custom Pinterest Description on a per-image basis.
  • Fixed the Total Shares icon/counts not displaying.
  • Fixed many JS related issues on floating and mobile buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where some buttons did not display on some posts (after ‘post_updated’ fires).
  • Fixed the total shares missing counts from LinkedIn and Google Plus.
  • Fixed floating buttons not showing until bottom of content.
  • Fixed where posts were receiving false share counts from Facebook.
  • Fixed the update process for addons (like Pro) so it should now receive dashboard notifications.
  • Fixed sharing on Pinterest when images use relative paths instead of absolute paths.
  • Fixed hidden Pinterest image from covering content “below”.
  • Changed the cursor from cursor to pointer for Total Shares hover state.
  • Added option to add data-pin-description to all images in a post.
  • Added !important tags for our Custom Color option.
  • Added check for whether or not to fetch share counts (based on Button Count and Total Count settings).
  • Updated the visibility of Mobile Float Location option.
  • Replaced New Share Counts with Twitcount.

3.1.1 (12 JUl 2018)

  • Fixed Javascript “minWidth” is undefined.
  • Fixed which buttons are displayed when using Dynamic Sorting.
  • Fixed “Undefined Index: post_id” error.
  • Changed default “Float Before Content” from “ON” to “OFF”.
  • Removed excess printing of “Float Before Content” variable.

3.1.0 (09 JUl 2018)

  • Fixed incompatibility with Yoast update
  • Fixed side floating button fade effect.
  • Fixed the shares icon CSS in the side floating buttons.
  • Added option for post-specific share recovery
  • Added option to show/hide buttons before content.
  • Added “noopener noreferrer” to outbound links.
  • Added two Pinterest image selectors.
  • Added the Pinterest character counter.
  • Added Google Tag Manager compatibility for Click/Event Tracking
  • Removed the StumbleUpon button.
  • Updated references of http to https where possible.
  • Updated the Facebook share count system.
  • Updated notifications to read from WarfarePlugins server.
  • Major update to the metadata caching system.
  • Major updates on floating buttons and mobile buttons.
  • Updated the plugin update processes.
  • Ensures all custom post types are showing in the “Position Share Buttons” display section.

3.0.9 (08 JUN 2018)

  • Fix for slow page loads on some sites.
  • Added notice to warn that StumbleUpon is being removed at the end of the month.
  • Fix for buttons not showing on mobile in some cases.
  • Removed calls to Google Plus’ and LinkedIn’s API’s since they no longer offer share counts.
  • Fix for the Pinterest fallback image functionality.
  • Fix for admin settings page not saving in some instances.
  • Fix for the post_id parameter not working in the shortcodes.
  • Fix for the Buffer share button showing plusses instead of spaces.
  • Fix for Bitly Authentication occasionally not working.
  • Fix for some undefined index errors.

3.0.8 (24 MAY 2018)

  • Fixed ‘Undefined Index’ notices.
  • Fixed ‘File not found’ errors.
  • Custom Color and Custom Color Outlines are fully functional.
  • Floating bar on mobile is back to normal.
  • Fixed global/post-specific setting incompatibilities.
  • Total shares is responsive to the settings, shortcode, and function.
  • Right floating buttons are properly positioned.
  • Fixed conflict with buttons showing on Archive/Category post types.
  • The shortcode and social_warfare() function behave as expected.
  • Yummly and StumbleUpon buttons are back.
  • Created default settings for float position, location, and size.
  • Improved the migration mechanism.

3.0.0 (8 MAY 2018)

  • Rewrote the core mechanics of the plugin to a class based system.
  • Added top floating bar for mobile.
  • Added circular button option.
  • Normalized variable and function naming conventions.
  • Updated CSS to reflect new classnames and keys.
  • Share windows now appear in the center of the browser.
  • Added toggle to print/not print OG output.
  • Created a custom CSS field for Click To Tweet.
  • Added option for right floating buttons.
  • Added size option for floating buttons.
  • Added vertical placement options for floating buttons.
  • Added option in to select from all post-types for the Widget.
  • Fixed URL Encoding for social network links.
  • URLs are no longer created for attachment or media items.
  • Updated copyright dates.
  • Made the buttons preview its own section in the options page.
  • Moved Tweet Count registration from Registrations to Social Identity.

2.3.5 (12 JAN 2017)

  • Changed the Twitter counter from 140 characters to 280 characters
  • Changed the WhatsApp button to also appear on desktop since their are now desktop apps for it.
  • Added a hook to change the location of the menu link in the dashboard.
  • Adjusted a filter to stop nonce’s from being cached with certain caching plugins.
  • Add filter for adjusting the share recovery URL especially on development sites.
  • Refined the pin image hover button layout.
  • Adjust the radius on the “Leaf on the Wind” layout’s CSS.
  • Force text-transform to none on icons so that the icons do not show up as text.
  • Only output the cache trigger on published posts.
  • Adjust the DOM loaded event to use native JS rather than jQuery.
  • Various CSS and minor bugfixes.
  • Update to block shortlinks on attachments
  • Change the counter error message on the CTT generator.
  • Fixed a CSS conflict with UI Tabs

2.3.4 (06 DEC 2017)

  • Changed the Twitter counter from 140 characters to 280 characters
  • Changed the WhatsApp button to also appear on desktop since their are now desktop apps for it.
  • Added a hook to change the location of the menu link in the dashboard.
  • Adjusted a filter to stop nonce’s from being cached with certain caching plugins.
  • Add filter for adjusting the share recovery URL especially on development sites.
  • Refined the pin image hover button layout.
  • Adjust the radius on the “Leaf on the Wind” layout’s CSS.
  • Force text-transform to none on icons so that the icons do not show up as text.
  • Only output the cache trigger on published posts.
  • Adjust the DOM loaded event to use native JS rather than jQuery.
  • Various CSS and minor bugfixes.

2.3.3 (27 SEP 2017)

  • Added “” as an alternative source for Twitter share counts.
  • Moved some functions and classes from the Pro addon into core so that they can be used by all addons.
  • Updated the style of the image hover Pin button to be more consistent with the rest of the buttons.
  • Fixed the UTM tracking parameters from a bug that would turn them off if they were turned on for the pin button.
  • Fixed some typos in the readme.txt.
  • Moved all registration functions to use the WordPress HTTP API instead of cURL.
  • Setup the update checker to check for updates through Easy Digital Downloads (our store) rather than through GitHub.
  • Changed the registration functions to be hookable allowing it to track multiple registration (like addons) rather than only one single registration.
  • Added a hook to allow for additional URL’s to be checked for share recovery functionality.

2.3.2 (25 AUG 2017)

  • Updated the verbiage on the readme.txt
  • Fixed an error that was causing a handful of sites to lock up.
  • More improvements to the registration functions.
  • Fixed the shortcode parameters.

2.3.1 (20 AUG 2017)

  • Fixed some issues with the registration system.
  • Fixed the CSS that controls the layout of the plugin logo on the options page.
  • Adjusted some CSS for the options on the options page.

2.3.0 (18 AUG 2017)

  • Migrated the registration system from WooCommerce to EDD (THIS IS HUGE!)
  • Fixed some CSS for the button icon and count alignment.
  • Updated the share cache function for pin and OG stuff.

2.2.11 (27 JUL 2017)

  • Updated the Pinterest cache rebuild logic.
  • Fixed a CSS bug on iOS mobile display.
  • Updated the screen options function to return $display_boolean instead of always returning true.
  • Fixed a Facebook API Javascript error.
  • Updated the logic for the Popular posts widget.
  • Fixed an undefined index error on the bitly cache reset.
  • Modified the way the cache trigger is validated.

2.2.10 (03 JUL 2017)

  • Fixed the way languages are loaded.
  • Fixed the way Pin image sources and pin description image sources are loaded.
  • Adjusted how the Bitly functions fetch links and determine when the cache is expired.
  • Set the Bitly cache to be deleted when a post is updated in case the permalink has changed.
  • Fixed the way that the buttons appear on Right-to-Left direction sites.
  • Adjusted how share counts are updated. They should be far more reliable now.

2.2.9 (29 JUN 2017)

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese to available languages
  • Fixed some formatting and functionality of the email button.
  • Fixed an unusual HTML issue in the OG title tag.

2.2.8 (29 JUN 2017)

  • Added the option to use the custom Pinterest image for the image hover pin buttons rather than the image being hovered.
  • Added the option to use the custom Pinterest description for the image hover pin buttons rather than the alt text of the image.
  • Added the option to turn off UTM tracking for Pinterest since Pinterest seems to tally pin counts separately when UTM is used.
  • Added an option to force new shares. Normally the plugin ignores new share counts if the count is lower than the count that we previously fetched from the API’s. If you activate this feature, it will go with the new count even if it is lower than previously reported by the API’s.
  • Fixed an issue that was affecting share counts being fetched on some sites.
  • Fixed an issue that was affecting the open graph image on some sites when posts were scheduled.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some sites not to generate Bitly links on new posts.
  • Added some debugging tools to make it easier to diagnose any future issues with Bitly links.
  • Added a conditional to catch an undefined index warning.
  • Changed the link in the head html comment to be https.

2.2.7 (15 JUN 2017)

  • Fixed a 500 internal server error.
  • Fixed a CSS bug that would sometimes cut off the bottom pixel of the button’s border.
  • Added HTML Entity Decode function to ensure foreign characters are populated correctly in open graph tags.

2.2.6 (24 MAY 2017)

  • Added Event Tracking for Click-to-Tweets and Image Pins.
  • Fixed the CSS for the total shares in non-English foreign languages.
  • Fixed a notice that would sometimes appear on attachment pages.
  • Fixed an error that caused share counts to not update for some users.

2.2.5 (10 MAY 2017)

  • Fixed a PHP warning that appeared on some user’s websites: “Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): Empty string supplied as input”

2.2.4 (09 MAY 2017)

  • Added a feature to set og:type values for all post types with individual post control via the swp_og_type custom field.
  • Added information links for all options sets on the admin options page.
  • Added a feature to add a Pinterest image that is picked up by the Pinterest browser extensions.
  • Added better support for buttons being displayed on very tiny screens.
  • Added system checks to ensure that the site is using a compatible version of PHP, WordPress, cURL, etc.
  • Added a filter to remove script and style tags from meta descriptions. They will now only be text. No HTML allowed.
  • Added UTM parameters to the Pinterest share links.
  • Update lots of in-file code documentation.
  • Updated the functionality of the ?swp_cache=rebuild URL parameter.
  • Updated Facebook share link from http to https.
  • Updated Italian and French translations to 100%.
  • Reorganized all file and folder organization structures.
  • Refactored and reorganized the code in all of the social network files.
  • Fixed the no_pin class. You can now add a class of no_pin to an image to opt it out from having a Pinterest hover share button.
  • Fixed a few random PHP warnings and errors.

2.2.3 (22 FEB 2017)


  • Fixed a misnamed function that was causing a “Call to undefined function” error when using the shortcode that specifically names which network buttons to show. For example, this was fine: [social_warfare], while this would throw the error: [social_warfare buttons=”Twitter,Facebook,Google Plus,Pinterest,Total”]. This update fixes it so that it no longer throws any errors.

2.2.2 (21 FEB 2017)


  • Changed the widget titles from h3’s to h4’s to be more consistent with how other widgets work in WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Removed the Pinterest character counter. Pinterest has now fixed the bug that was causing descriptions in shares to get truncated which means that once again we no longer need to count characters. In fact, longer descriptions are usually better over there so have fun!
  • Add a “no_pin” class to the pin it hover button. If you add the class “no_pin” to an image, it will not get a pin hover button attached to it.
  • Fixed the pin hover button. We refactored a couple of pieces of the javascript that control the hover button so it should work properly under most circumstances.
  • Fixed the Really Simple SSL compatibility issue. You should now be able to use share recovery without Really Simple SSL forcing the recovery URL to be https when trying to recover from HTTP.
  • Removed a description on the admin settings page that was written on there twice. Now it’s only written on there once.
  • Updated the information returned by the Facebook share count function.
  • Renamed recursive_array_search to swp_recursive_array_search to avoid conflicts with other plugins that may have a function with the same name.
  • Renamed isMobile to swp_isMobil to avoid conflicts with other plugins that may have a function with the same name.
  • Fixed the Pin it hover button on legacy cache mode.
  • Fixed the missing share counts on the all posts admin screen.

2.2.1 (05 JAN 2017)


  • Fixed the WhatsApp button.
  • Fixed some invalid integer warnings that appeared in PHP 7.1
  • Made it so the social shares columns only display on pages and posts admin pages.
  • Fixed a conflict with Yoast open graph tags on the archives pages.
  • Fixed a conflict with lazyload plugin and the pinterest image hover button.
  • Fixed a padding issue on the button counts for mobile.
  • Fixed the screen options tab from bumping into the header menu on our admin options page.
  • Fixed an issue with button outlines.

2.2.0 (29 NOV 2016)


  • Social Warfare has been developed into a core free plugin with the ability to install addons for additional functionality. If you are a a premium user, you’ll need to download and install the Social Warfare – Pro addon to immediately regain access to all premium features. Additional addons are currently under development and will be released in the near future.


  • Refactored all of the Open Graph and Twitter Card output logic.
  • Broke the meta tags into two filters. One creates the values. The second compiles them into HTML for output. This can allow people to hook in and change specific values on the fly via an add_filter() call.
  • Refactored all of the cache functions.
  • Added a function to clean out meta fields that are no longer used or needed.
  • Added a check for invalid responses from Facebook’s API
  • Adjusted the default logic and fallback color system for the side custom color option.
  • Refactored the Pinterest image logic.
  • Add an undefined check for swpPinit to avoid JS notices in the admin area.
  • Fixed an undefined index notice.
  • Removed all non-public post types from the display locations settings.
  • Added a homepage specific location setting.
  • Added a function to make the plugin not duplicate share counts when duplicating a post via the Duplicate Post plugin.
  • Consolidated some functions and files for more consistent organization.
  • Fixed Google Click/Event Tracking
  • Modify the hover pin so it’s not created until after all images have finished loading.