Spontanio: just drop in!

Everyone uses video chat these days, but it’s such a hassle, right? Scheduling meetings, sending out invitations,
forcing people to log in and install an app, getting bombarded with ads…
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just offer your website visitors a simple way to spontaneously get together,
right inside their browser without any setup? Well look no further…

Spontanio is a platform that gives people virtual spaces where they can be their authentic selves.
It allows folks to casually interact with others, wherever they are, whenever they feel like it.
It’s all about genuine conversation, not “meetings” with “teams”.

This service is completely free of charge for basic use, though you will get some sweet extras if you upgrade to a
premium account. We make it super easy for you to create a room that’s fully tailored to your brand, using one of our
pre-built themes, or creating your own. It only takes seconds to get started!

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Set it and forget it

This plugin allows you to quickly and easily incorporate video chat into any WordPress site. The plugin
wraps the Spontanio service in a frame that overlays your page. However neither you nor your website visitors need to register
or pay anything. Plus there is no need to do any scheduling – your room is always open, and people can just
drop by and hang out together whenever they feel like it.

Getting started

  1. Install and activate the Spontanio plugin on your WordPress website.
  2. Optional: enter your default Room Name on the Spontanio settings page.
  3. Edit a page and drop in a Video Chat block, entering the room name, size and placement, and whether you want to show a launch button or automatically open the chat. That’s it!
  4. We also provide a shortcode ([video-chat]), and a widget to display a launch button in your footer or sidebar.


Having trouble with the plugin, or the Spontanio service in general? We are here to help. Please get in touch via
the Contact page on our website. We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.
Please understand that premium customers get first priority.

We hope you like this plugin and will help us by giving it a high rating. Better yet, why not help to improve it?
The code is open source and we welcome contributors at Github.


  • Free and easy video, audio, and text chat for live group interaction
  • Choose between 3 basic modes to determine how you want to participate
  • Set the vibe in your room with a pre-built theme, or create your own, for example with your company logo
  • Write custom announcements that visitors will see when they enter the room (premium feature)
  • Limit who can participate with an entry code (free), or further requirements such as VIP (premium feature)
  • Leave your room open 24x7 (free), or set opening times and/or special events (premium feature)
  • Ask visitors for donations, or list products for sale with links to your online store (premium feature)
  • Summary of Spontanio features, comparing basic (Free4all) to premium (BizPlus)


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Spontanio


Do I need an API key to use the plugin?

No, you can just go ahead and start using it! All we need is a room name, which you enter in the Spontanio settings,
or when you add a Video Chat block to a page. The room can be one that already exists, or we will
guide you through the process of creating a new one.

Do I, the website developer or owner, need a Spontanio account?

No, you can use our video chat service without signing up. However anonymous rooms are reset after 7 days,
so you should link your email address if you want to keep your customizations. You can do this from our home page.

Do my website visitors need to sign up with Spontanio?

No, they can remain completely anonymous if they wish.

Should I use this for streaming big events?

No, this is not a webcast or video sharing platform. It is for allowing people to interact with each other live, in real time.

How many people can participate in a chat at once?

Up to 10 for the free version, or 50 for premium.

How long can a group chat last?

As long as you want! There’s no concept of “meetings”, and rooms are always open. However if you are alone in a room,
after a while your video will be turned off to save resources.

Can I prevent random people from using my room?

Yes, you can set an entry code (password) that is required to enter the room. If you have a premium account,
you can also create a VIP list and much more.

Can I represent my brand in the plugin?

Sure can. You can customize your room in many ways, including using a background with your logo, for example.

Does it work on smartphones?

Yes, the layout will adapt to different size screens including phones. Please keep in mind that if a room has
more than 2 or 3 people, a larger screen will provide a better experience.

What if users don’t have video, or don’t want to be seen?

No problem. There are 3 modes:
* Show is with video so others can see and hear you.
* Tell is audio only so others can only hear you.
* Lurk lets you see others and use the text chat, but not be seen or heard.

Does the chat start automatically?

It depends. You can either choose to show a button to launch a chat popup, or you can have it start as soon as the page loads.
In any case, the user will be prompted by their browser to allow use of their camera and microphone.

Is it possible to have more than one room on my site?

Yes. Each time you include a Video Chat block or shortcode on a page, you can override the default room name.

What technology is it based on?

Spontanio uses WebRTC, an open source, standards-based framework supported by Apple, Google,
Microsoft, Mozilla, and others. This technology allows you to communicate with other people directly from your web browser.

Why do you require SSL?

The plugin will only work at runtime if the WordPress site uses SSL encryption (https). This is to protect the privacy of your visitors
and ensure compatibility across browsers. It is easy to add SSL to your site, so please do it today!

How can you offer this service for free and without ads?

We offer a premium subscription service for room owners who want extra functionality… which we hope you will consider!
This allows us to offer the service for free to most of our users. Unlike Big Social, we don’t show ads or sell your data.
Our philosophy is simple: we believe in charging a fair price in exchange for a useful service.

Where can I learn more?

For more complete information, please see the FAQ page on our website.


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This version fixes a couple bugs and has some minor design changes. Tested for full compatibility with WordPress 6.1.


We have unveiled the Spontanio Ambassador program, which lets you earn money by creating rooms for other people and businesses,
with no obligation your part. Check it out! https://spontan.io/faq


In addition to testing for compatibility with WordPress 5.9, we’ve made some big changes to core features…
* Zones let you divide your room into smaller groups for more personal interaction
* Browser push notifications and/or emails let you know when someone visits your room
* Text messages in room chats are saved across sessions
* Choose which video/audio devices you want to use if you have more than one
* Various bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Initial release.