wp-championship is a plugin for wordpress letting you play a guessing game of a tournament e.g. soccer


  • define number of groups, and points given to the winner, looser of each match
  • define teams and a team specific icons
  • define matches finalround and pre-final round
  • for each user you can set a substitute
  • sends mails about current game status (optional)
  • define game admins to edit match results
  • shows various stats for admin and users
  • allows to arrange tippgroups as a kind of team guessing
  • access via XMLRPC is possible
  • various joker features (e.g. each player may select some matches and gets double points on it) BETA
  • a lot of data for various tournaments and leagues (German Bundesliga, WM 2018, EM 2021)
  • interface ti OpenLeagueDB to fetch team and match data automatically

Thanks go to all who support this plugin, with hints and suggestions for improvment and especially to Andy Chapman for doing a lot of tests


  • wp-championship stats
  • wp-championship tipp dialog


  1. Upload to your plugins folder, usually
    wp-content/plugins/, keeping the directory structure intact
    (i.e. wp-championship.php should end up in

    1. Activate the plugin on the plugin screen.

    2. Visit the configuration page (wp-championship) to
      configure your guessing game

    3. Optional: load teams and matches into your database using the import feature.

    4. Recommende for updates: Please remember to deactivate and activate the plugin once for database updates


Where can I get further information about the plugin?

There are several resources to visit:


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Contributors & Developers

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2024-06-30 v10.9

  • added number of tippgroup members to stats8
  • added option to sort tippgroup stats (cs-stats8) by average
  • added option to show fullnames in rnaking (cs-suerstats)
  • fixed, show all entries for stats4 in tournament mode
  • fxied a special case during final round update

2024-06-15 v10.8

  • fixed frequently nonce problem on some of the statistic

2024-06-08 v10.7

  • fixed some typo in german translations
  • fixed label for matchid column for final round

2024-06-07 v10.6

  • fixed new widget for not approved guessing game users

2024-06-07 v10.5

  • added new widget to show infos about logged in user
  • fixed typo in labels dialog
  • fixed reset settings in xmlrpc labels
  • fixed show/hide matchid column of tiptable
  • fixed division by zero warning in log when tip is missing

2024-05-27 v10.4

  • fixed add new user bug

2024-05-20 v10.3

  • fixed missing tippspiel user bug

2024-04-04 v10.2

  • fixed typo in XML RPC class
  • added data for teams andmatches for the EM2024

2023-09-02 v10.1

  • WP 6.2 ist now required
  • made source more compliant to the WP coding standards and using newer functions from WordPress
  • fixed some typos in translation
  • fixed some minor problems with tippgroup statistics
  • changed default parametersfor easier configuration

2023-08-14 v10.0

  • OpenLigaDB seems to have issues with there SOAP api, so I switched to json api.

2023-06-18 v9.9

  • added data for women worldchampionship 2023
  • fixed incompatibility with DB drop-in
  • added new option for cs_stats4 to show all tips and not only tips of finished matches
  • added number of missed tips for each player in admin stats

2022-11-19 v9.8

  • fixed column sorter on tippdialog for hidden columns
  • extended statistics to show championtipp in ranking
  • fixed statistic table heading

2022-10-21 v9.7

  • fixed user auto create feature for new database structures
  • fixed some santizing checks

2022-10-11 v9.6

  • changed game data for the WM 2022 due to changes of the FIFA

2022-07-11 v9.5

  • added data for WM 2022 in Qatar
  • moved old data to “old”- directory

2022-06-10 v9.4

  • fixed typo in setup data

2022-06-06 v9.3

  • enhanced URL length for OL DB import
  • added some missing security checks

2022-06-02 v9.2

  • fix invalid insert of users with some settings
  • added some missing nonce checks

2021-10-17 v9.1

  • added hint if preeliminaries of OpenLigaDB import are not met
  • added joker feature, you can set joker matches which gives the double points, either per user or for global for all users

2021-07-03 v9.0

  • fixed finals calculation for non unique target teams
  • fixed typo in EM2021 match data
  • added cs_stats9 champion-tip stats
  • added data for the german Bundesliga 2021/22

2021-06-12 v8.9

  • fixed typos in EM2921 data
  • fixed german translation
  • fixed table toggle in cs_userstats

2021-05-31 v8.8

  • fixed problem with adding new users on some setups

2021-05-12 v8.7

  • fixed user settings dialog
  • fixed translation

2021-05-08 v8.6

  • added new feature to hide finished games in tip dialog

2021-05-06 v8.5

  • fixed typo in EM2021 data

2021-05-05 v8.4

  • added data for EM 2021

2020-09-09 v8.3

  • fixed icon representation
  • fixed german translations

2020-09-06 v8.2

  • fixed deprecated create_function call
  • added data for German bundesliga 2020/2021
  • added support to import data from OpenligaDB

2020-05-20 v8.1

  • fixed WPLANG warnings
  • fixed deprecated calls

2019-08-03 v8.0

  • added data for German Bundesliga 2019/2020

2018-08-27 v7.9

  • replaced deprecated create_function calls
  • changed translation to be compatible with WordPress standards

2018-07-18 v7.8

  • reduced reminder mails to one mail per check not one mail per match
  • fixed tippgroup parameter passing for stats in some special cases
  • added option to send mails as text not HTML
  • fixed typo in user tipp
  • fixed a matchtime typo in Matches 59 and 60
  • added data for German bundesliag 2018/2019

2018-06-11 v7.7

  • add submit buttons after eacht section to support quicker tipps
  • fixed tablesorter for different month in one round

2018-06-11 v7.6

  • fixed a typo in the match data, matcfh 40 is on 24th not on 23th
  • fixed a typo in a select to substitute another player

2018-05-31 v7.5

  • fixed some typos and changed times in match data for WM2018

2018-05-26 v7.4

  • added new headline for cs-stats8 and show message if tippgroups are not activated
  • switched from user_nicename to display_name to show the name the user selected in the profile dialog of WordPress
  • surpress some warnings of undefined variables
  • fixed incompatibility with Outlook mails
  • english translation updated. Thanks to Kristin.

2018-01-14 v7.3

  • added new data for the WM2018 in russia

2017-08-03 v7.2

  • added new data for Bundesliga 2017/2018 – Thanks to Max

2017-01-22 v7.1

  • added tippgroup table to remove tables function
  • fixed auto add admin as player
  • fixed show only a number of matches, failed if less then wanted number of matchdays left
  • fixed import data without truncating db-tables

2016-08-05 v7.0

  • added penalty/bounus points feature for users
  • switched database ddl to dbDelta syntax
  • replaced deprecated function get_currentuserinfo
  • added feature to only display a given number of match days
  • added tippgroup admin dialog to manage tippgroups better
  • added switch to activate/deactivate tippgroups
  • added cs-stats8 – stats for tippgroups
  • added new widget to show stats for tippgroups
  • added option to select tippgroup from tipp dialog
  • extended cs-stats1 with column for number of tipps
  • added data for 1. Bundesliga 2016/2017 Thanks to Mario
  • added data for 2. Bundesliga 2016/2017 Thanks to Matthias

2016-05-18 v6.9

  • fixed show tips was not saved in admin dialog
  • adopted default css to twentysixteen Theme

2016-05-13 v6.8

  • fixed team data and replaced wrong icon

2016-05-10 v6.7

  • fixed permissions for Switzerland icon
  • fixed validation rule for separate threshold value
  • made plugin independent from privileges to create temporary tables
  • fixed typo in EM 2016 team name

2016-03-13 v6.6

  • added Icons and SQL and CSV for EM 2016 in France – Thanks to all who helped :-))

2016-03-01 v6.5

  • fixed admin dialog XMLRPC options
  • adopted mysql version check to mysqli api

2016-01-03 v6.4

  • updated data for Bundesliga 2015/2016, dates and times were updated

2015-11-26 v6.3

  • updated data for Bundesliga 2015/2016, dates and times were updated

2015-11-07 v6.2

  • fixed php warning when file was called directly

2015-11-06 v6.1

  • fixed ajax problem for stats4-stats7

2015-11-04 v6.0

  • switched to ajax in backend
  • removed core dependencies
  • sanitize post calls

2015-10-29 v5.9

  • fixed some potential sql injection leaks

2015-09-06 v5.8

  • updated data for Bundesliga 2015/2016, dates and times were updated

2015-08-15 v5.7

  • updated data for Bundesliga 2015/2016, dates and times were updated

2015-06-27 v5.6

  • added data for Bundesliga 2015/2016
  • fixed import (imported zero dates sometimes)

2015-04-06 v5.5

  • updated data for Bundesliga 2014/2015, final update

2014-12-25 v5.4

  • updated data for Bundesliga 2014/2015, dates and times were updated

2014-10-23 v5.3

  • fixed data for Bundesliga 2014/2015 dates were not loaded correctly

2014-09-30 v5.2

  • updated data for Bundesliga 2014/15

2014-09-12 v5.1

  • updated data for Bundesliga 2014/15

2014-09-01 v5.0

  • fixed wrong warning message when saving tipps (for champion tip)

2014-08-21 v4.9

  • fixed quotes in Bundesliga csv file

2014-08-15 v4.8

  • added parameter for one side tipp, choice between with tendency only, withour tendency only and always
  • added parameter to set final winner in case you are guessing on results after 90 Minutes which can be tied in the final
  • added german Bundesliga 2014/2015 as SQL and CSV. Thanks to Manuel

2014-06-17 v4.7

  • added responsive css for tipp table (uses CSS3)
  • replaced use of gmt_offset for mailservice
  • if tipp could not be saved because match has already started the wrong tip was displayed one time
  • fixed calc points for one side goal tip

2014-06-06 v4.6

  • fixed typos in csv files

2014-05-24 v4.5

  • added csv import and export for teams and matches
  • updated jquery.tooltip.js to v1.1 and made it work with bootstrap themes
  • fixed typo when deleting preround matches
  • updated manual
  • removed dead code
  • fixed problem while editing final matches

2014-05-05 v4.4

  • fixed some table names in sqls to vars from globals.php
  • fixed bug for direct compare for german bundesliga
  • fixed typo for WM2014 Match 59
  • added support link
  • added contextual help

2014-04-15 v4.3

  • fixed SQL for WM2014
  • added SQL for WM2014 with CEST timezones
  • fixed delete team in team edit dialog

2014-02-15 v4.2

  • added teams andmatches for the soccer-world-championship 2014 (Thanks to Dieter Pfenning for all your work)
  • made many functions pluggable (you can overwrite them from within e.g. functions.php)
  • you can now store icons in YourThemefolder/wp-championship/icons
  • you can now store xwp-championship.css in YourThemefolder/wp-championship/ too
  • you can now override cs-stats.php ,cs-groupstats.php and cs-matchstats.php if you place a file with the same name in YourThemefolder/wp-championship/
  • removed jquery.dimensions enqueue since it is part of jquery now
  • removed old icons

2013-10-23 v4.1

  • fixed adding a match to the final round
  • fixed cs-stats5 results were shifted when player did not enter a tip for every match
  • removed timezone calc for client side due to geoip service was shut down
  • added english quickreference guide

2013-08-04 v4.0

  • fixed setup because default admin entry was not correct
  • added icons and sql for Bundesliga 2013/2014

2012-11-24 v3.9

  • add the possibility to give each team a penalty in points

2012-10-09 v3.8

  • load javascript in backend only on wp-championship pages
  • add cs-stats7 Guesser of the month stats
  • changed enqueue script to proper use with plugins_url

2012-07-06 v3.7

  • added new option for goalsum tip you only hit if your tipp is euqal goalsum not equal or greater
  • added sql and icons for Bundesliga 2012/2013
  • added columnd points to stats4
  • added stats6 to show all matches from one team
  • extended tipp-aids in tippdialog with stats6 when hovering over the teamname

2012-06-25 v3.6

  • fixed the widget display name
  • extended goal sum tipp to accept a sum of 0
  • fixed goalsum tipp could only be entered for all games at once
  • points for goalsum tipp where assigned when tipp was >= result, changed this to =
  • tipps from other players are now shown directly after the match has started in stats4
  • extended selection filter to select from match and player
  • fixed a bug in team stats, count of wins and loss

2012-06-10 v3.5

  • fixed substitue list contained all usernames not only the players in tip dialog
  • fixed wrong trend was shown at first result
  • fixed a numbering issue with the widget
  • fixed display average in the widget
  • trend was lost when admin entered tips but no results
  • mailreminder was not send due to a typo in date variable

2012-06-03 v3.4

  • fixed problem with table sorting option
  • fixed some typos in readme.txt

2012-06-01 v3.3

  • fixed xmlrpc statistic 7 (all tables were displayed independent of the parameter)
  • fixed first tipp when user was not in cs_users

2012-05-20 v3.2

  • added hover table feature to tipp dialog (shows an ajax like group table when hovering over the group id)
  • fixed uninitialized value fpr cs_sort_tipp

2012-05-18 v3.1

  • fixed deprecated use of user_level (leads to many many php notices)
  • fixed problem with entering a wrong tipp as first tipp (all tips were set to -1)
  • fixed html error in confirmation mail
  • removed deprecated parameter from add_option in setup.php (leads to many php notices during activation)
  • clean up some php notices on the admin dialogs

2012-05-12 v3.0

  • fixed button style in admin dialog
  • added XMLRPC interface to wp-championship for use with smartphone apps
  • fixed width of menu entry in wp admin menu
  • fixed widget layout on twentyeleven
  • adopt default css to twentyeleven
  • added demo mode (activate in wp-championship.php)
  • fixed an incompatibility with wordpress MU and register_activation/deactivation
  • adopted to HTML5 for 3.3 compatibility
  • added SQL for EM2012 (folder sql)
  • fixed heading for location in tipp table
  • fixed confirmation mail (teams and time were not displayed, for finals set team to n/a)
  • fixed wrong message (Mail could not be sent…) when deactivating the mailreceipt
  • added auto add feature to automatically add new users to guessing game (see admin dialog to activate)
  • fixed mailservice receipt was only send for admins
  • cleanup php warning (a bit)
  • cleanup html validity
  • fixed stats4 when all players were selected only part of the tipps was shown

= 2011-08-26 v2.9=
* added the possibility to select all users in cs-stats4
* fixed problem adding final match with bundesliga mode
* fixed problem with jquery 1.4.4 and trigger in wordpress 3.1
* added cs-stats5 an compact overview over one day
* fixed that field spieltag was deleted when editing match
* added shortname for teams for use in reports and stats
* added widget for display the current ranking
* fixed error in winner calculation in Bundesliga-mode
* added confirmation mail feature
* fix ranking when matches were deleted and old tipps were still present
* added group feature for players (every user can be member of a tippgroup, stats can be calculated only for one group or for all)
* fixed an incompatibility with FF6 and WordPress adminbar

2010-11-08 v2.8

  • fixed debug info dump
  • fixed stats to work with non standard wp installations
  • fixed pie chart calculating correct percentage
  • added charset /collation to setup
  • fixed wrong collation in ajax data transfer

2010-10-31 v2.7

  • added label configuration admin dialog
  • conserve wp-championship.css during autoupdate
  • added basic statistics (insert [cs-stats1], [cs-stats2], [cs-stats3] or [cs-stats4] into a page or post) see documentation for further information

2010-08-20 v2.6

  • fixed collision with older wp-championship version and buddypress

2010-08-06 v2.5

  • removed invalid table class from default css file
  • added collapse/expand per day for Bundesligamodus
  • added admin switch to lock round1-tipps generally
  • added spieltag attribute to matches for mapping in liga-mode
  • added trend barometer for ranking table and mailservice
  • only output finalround on stats page when final matches exists

2010-07-09 v2.4

  • fixed missing calculation of next match in finalround (match for third place) again 🙁

2010-07-07 v2.3

  • fixed invalid xhtml in tipp-dialog
  • fixed missing calculation of next match in finalround (match for third place)

2010-06-20 v2.2

  • fixed invalid xhtml tableheader in ranking mail
  • fixed sql for result calculation in group tables

2010-06-11 v2.1

  • fixed some translation tags
  • fixed warning message for browser timezone when ip is localhost
  • fixed WM2010 location of match #56 from Johannisburg to Kapstadt
  • fix saving other tipps during a game was not possible

2010-06-01 v2.0

  • fixed output of nonce field, was probably a collision with other plugins
  • fixed sort order on tipp dialog for finalround
  • fixed points calculation for oneside tipp in conjunction with tendency tipp(> instead of >=)
  • fixed goalsum tipp for tipps with no points yet
  • fixed link to substitue was not correct with all permalink settings in wordpress

2010-05-19 v1.9

  • fixed missing cr in mail header (which causes some mailservers to deny mailtransfer)
  • fixed check for championtipp against current time, used server time instead of blog-time. this lead to problems if server and blog time are in different timezones

2010-05-09 v1.8

  • fixed warning message when allow_url_fopen was Off

2010-05-08 v1.7

  • added option for oneside tipp only hits if tendency is correct
  • added auto goalsum tipp (tipp will be calcualted from result tipp (sum of goals)

2010-04-27 v1.6

  • fixed layout in readme.txt
  • added screenshots
  • fixed, championtipp was not updated when no other field was changed (tippdialog)
  • added error message when championtipp should be changed after first match start
  • added feature to gain points for a only on one side correct tip
  • added feature to gain points for a sum of goals/points during for each match
  • fixed save user data when using substitutes
  • added feature to gain points if one side of the tipp is exactly correct
  • fixed button class on tipp page
  • added switch to enable/disable floating link

2010-04-15 v1.5

  • adopt to wordpress 2.9.2
  • added sql for WM2010 (teams, matches)
  • added mail reminder for upcoming matches
  • added italian translation (thanks to Davide 🙂 )
  • added sortable tables to tipp page
  • added foldable tables to results page
  • added tooltip to matchtime column showing the starttime based on browsers timezone
  • added animated flags (thanks to Andy)
  • extended input checking on tipp page
  • mark not accepted values in red (tipp page)
  • added auto-floating “Top of page” link
  • make sure only one admin entry is added by default
  • added menu icon – the worldcup 🙂

2009-03-29 v1.4

  • adding a first draft of english translation

2008-08-02 v1.3

  • corrected a bit of incorrect xhtml
  • fixed wrong timestamp for championtime
  • check tipptime for championtime in case of injection
  • mark admin as tippspiel admin during install
  • add switch to disable substitute feature
  • added nonce check
  • added championship modus for the german bundesliga
  • extended classification boards with some stats

2008-06-18 v1.2

  • added the possibility to define mixed finalround matches (from groups and match)
  • fixed a problem to store user settings when no champion tipp was given
  • fixed an error when using a substitute
  • added separate trigger for recalculating points and finals in admin dialog

2008-06-16 v1.1

  • fixed some spelling mistakes
  • fixed xhtml for tipp page
  • fixed problem with saving user options
  • fixed html in admin dialog
  • fixed sql error when updating finals
  • corrected type error in team dialog

2008-06-11 v1.0

  • send mails only when admin is entering results (not when admin entered tipps)
  • added mailservice trigger in admin dialog
  • corrected order in group classification
  • consider wordpress timezone for time checking
  • store only new or changed tipps
  • corrected pulldown menu for champion tipp in user dialog
  • fixed points calculation for tendency and tied games (when no tipp was entered points for tied games were added)

2008-06-01 v0.9

  • fixed mistake in em2008.sql
  • fixed problem creating matches

= 2008-05-31 v0.8=
* read correct wordpress table prefix
* added possibility to remove wp-championship db tables
* the finals will now be calculated each time a results is changed
* you can overrule pre-elimination classification manual by setting the standing in the match dialog
* when creating a new user in user dialog check if user allready exists

= 2008-05-27 v0.7=
* extended data validation for input fields (tipps and results)
* prepare for translation, added .pot file
* corrected spelling errors

= 2008-05-22 v0.6=
* initial alpha release