Docket Cache – Object Cache Accelerator


The Docket cache is a persistent WordPress Object Cache that is stored as a plain PHP code. Intends to provide an alternative option for those who can’t use Redis or Memcached server.

Rather than using serialize and unserialize a PHP object to store into flat files, this plugin stores data by converting the object into plain PHP code which results in faster data retrieval and better performance with Zend OPcache enabled.

Kindly refer to the documentation on Caching In WordPress.

Why use this plugin?

When it comes to reliable persistent Object Cache in WordPress, Redis or Memcached comes on top. However, those solutions require knowledge of server and rarely available at low cost or shared hosting servers.

The only solution is to store the object caches into files. With WordPress, exporting the PHP objects are not easy, most plugin that implements file-based solution will serialize and unserialize the object to store and retrieve the data.

The Docket Cache is better because it converts the object cache into plain PHP code. This solution is faster since WordPress can use the cache directly without running other operation.


  • Object caching + OPcache
  • Advanced Post Caching
  • Object Cache Precaching
  • WordPress Menu Caching
  • WordPress Translation Caching
  • WordPress Core Query Optimisation
  • Term Count Queries Optimisation
  • Post, Page, Comment Count Optimisation
  • Database Tables Optimisation
  • WooCommerce Optimisation
  • WP Options Autoload suspension
  • Post Missed Schedule Tweaks
  • Object Cache + OPcache Stats + OPcache Viewer
  • Cache Log
  • Cronbot Service
  • WP-CLI support
  • Multisite / Multi-Network support


To use Docket Cache requires minimum:

  • PHP 7.2.5
  • WordPress 5.4
  • Zend OPcache


To adjust the plugin behaviour, installation or manage through a command line, please refer to the Documentation for details.


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Additional Tool

Docket CronWP – A command-line tool for executing WordPress cron events in parallel.


  • Overview.
  • Cache Log.
  • Cache view.
  • Cache content.
  • Cronbot.
  • Configuration.
  • Multisite / Multi-Network Overview.
  • Multisite / Multi-Network Cronbot.


To use Docket Cache require minimum PHP 7.2.5, WordPress 5.4 and Zend OPcache for best performance.

  1. In your WordPress admin click Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search plugins “Docket Cache” and click Install Now.
  3. Click Activate or Network Activate in Multisite setups.
  4. Click Docket Cache in the left menu to access the admin page.

Please wait around 5 seconds for Docket Cache ready to cache the objects.


What is Object Caching in WordPress?

Object caching is a process that stores database query results in order to quickly bring them back up next time they are needed.

The cached object will be served promptly from the cache rather than sending multiple requests to a database. This is more efficient and reduces massive unnecessary loads on your server.

In simple terms, object caching allows objects that are used often to be copied and stored at a closer location for quicker use.

What is Docket Cache in Object Caching?

By default, the object cache in WordPress is non-persistent. This means that data stored in the cache reside in memory only and only for the duration of the request. Cached data will not be stored persistently across page loads. To make it persistent, the object cache must be stored on a local disk.

Docket Cache is not just stored the object cache, it converts the object cache into plain PHP code. This solution is faster since WordPress can use the cache directly without running other operation.

What is OPcache in Docket Cache?

OPcache is a caching engine built into PHP, that improves performance by storing precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to load and parse scripts on each request.

Docket Cache converts the object cache into plain PHP code. When reading and writing cache, it will use OPcache directly which results in faster data retrieval and better performance.

What is the Cronbot Service in Docket Cache?

The Cronbot is an external service that pings your website every hour to keep WordPress Cron running actively.

This service offered as an alternative option and is not compulsory to use. By default, this service not connected to the end-point server. You can completely disable it at the configuration page.

What is Garbage Collector in Docket Cache?

Garbage Collector is a Cron Events than run every 5 minutes to monitoring cache file purposely for cleanup and collecting stats.

What is a RAM disk in Docket Cache?

A RAM disk is a representation of a hard disk using RAM resources, and it can take the form of a hardware device or a virtual disk.

Read and write speed on RAM is multiple times faster than SSD drives therefore storing Docket Cache files on a RAM disk greatly increases it’s performance.

Do note that creating RAM disks requires server administrative permission (root access) so this solution is not suitable for shared hosting servers.

This is an example command to create and use a RAM disk with Docket Cache:

$ cd wp-content/
$ sudo mount -t tmpfs -o size=500m tmpfs ./cache/docket-cache

To mount the cache path automatically on boot, you need to update your /etc/fstab file.

Please refer to the articles below about RAM disk:

  1. How to Easily Create RAM Disk
  2. What Is /dev/shm And Its Practical Usage
  3. Creating A Filesystem In RAM

To use it in Windows OS, create RAM Disk and change DOCKET_CACHE_PATH point to RAM Disk drive.

What is the minimum RAM required to use with shared hosting?

By default, WordPress allocates the memory limit to 256 MB. Combined with MySQL and Web Server, you need more than 256 MB. If you’re using a cheap hosting plan that allocates only 256 MB for totals usage. It is not enough, and Docket Cache can’t improve your website performance.

What’s the difference with the other object cache plugins?

Docket Cache is an Object Cache Accelerator. It does some optimization of caching like cache post queries, comments counting, WordPress translation and more before storing the object caches.

Can I pair using it with other cache plugin?

Yes and No. You can pair using it with page caching plugin, but not with the object cache plugin.

I’m using a VPS server. Can I use Docket Cache to replace Redis?

Yes, you can. It can boost more your WordPress performance since there is no network connection need to makes and no worry about memory burst, cache-key conflict and error-prone caused by the improper settings.


10 December 2022
It greatly reduces the RAM consumption of WordPress The best solution to reduce RAM consumption and reduce WordPress resource consumption Very efficient
09 December 2022 1 reply
A particular runtime environment doesn't have memcache or redis PHP extension and their respective servers available, but PHP Opcache is enabled. This plugin is exactly what one needs for this! The plugin worked right out of the box after activation and initial setup, even WordPress Site Health detects the presence of an object cache.
29 November 2022 1 reply
My multisite has way too many plugins and I was seeing way too many 'requests' on page loading. While it already had minify and caching I was concerned about what might be going on with the database. Docket Cache reduced the number of requests on frontend page loading dramatically. thanks
09 October 2022 1 reply
I have installed the plugin and enable Opcache. It just works and will always be my must installed plugins for every WordPress installation!
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  • Fixed: Tweaks::cache_http_response() -> Default TTL.
  • Fixed: Tweaks::wpservehappy() -> missing array key.
  • Added: wp_cache_supports() function.
  • Changed: Tweaks::cache_http_response() -> Use transient instead of wp_cache.
  • Changed: Disable Auto update by default.
  • Changed: Disable Advanced Post Cache by default.
  • Tested up to 6.1.


  • Fixed: Plugin:cleanuppost() -> Invalid index for trashbin.
  • Fixed: MoCache() -> Add $entries, $headers properties to avoid warning on get_translations_for_domain.
  • Updated: Symfony component -> symfony/var-exporter.


  • Fixed: Avoid calling Filesystem::close_buffer() if a process involved accessing a disk.
  • Fixed: Removed handling stale cache on shutdown.
  • Added: Garbage Collector Status -> Cleanup Stale Cache.
  • Improved: Collected stale cache will be handled by Garbage Collector.


  • Changed: Disable “Chunk Cache Directory” by default. Let’s users choose it depending on their hosting environment.


  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache::maybe_expire() -> missing preg_match parameter.

Thanks to @carmpocalypse for bug report.


  • Fixed: Don’t remove cron event without a hook, let’s WordPress handles it.
  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache::dc_close() -> Only run one time per instance.
  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache::maybe_expire() -> Check cache key.
  • Changed: Disable “Auto Remove Stale Cache” by default. Let’s users choose it depending on their cpu/storage speeds limit.


  • Fixed: Tweaks::wpembed() -> body_class missing seconds arguments that require by some themes.
  • Fixed: Tweaks::wpembed() -> Disable body_class filter, cause unpredictable syntax error on some themes.

Thanks to @simonhawketts for bug report.


  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache::dc_close() -> Remove stale cache abandoned by WordPress, WooCommerce, Advanced Post Cache after doing cache invalidation.
  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache::dc_get() -> The transient should return false if does not have a value or has expired.
  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache::dc_get() -> Run maybe_unserialize to check and unserialize string data when failed to convert into an array.
  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache::dc_save() -> Reduce cache miss if contain objects of headers remote requests.
  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache::dc_save() -> Return true and avoid storing on disk if the transient has no value.
  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache() -> dc_precache_load(), dc_precache_set() -> Do check precache max list.
  • Fixed: Tweaks() -> wpbrowsehappy(),wpservehappy() -> Use the pre_site_transient filter instead of blocking API requests, makes the query monitor happy.
  • Fixed: RecursiveDirectoryIterator -> Do check max_execution_time to avoid a fatal timeout.
  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache() -> dc_precache_load(), dc_precache_set() -> Do check max_execution_time to avoid a fatal timeout.
  • Fixed: Event() -> optimizedb(), garbage_collector() -> Do check max_execution_time to avoid a fatal timeout.
  • Fixed: CronAgent::run_wpcron() -> Do check max_execution_time to avoid a fatal timeout.
  • Fixed: Tweaks::wpembed() -> Invalid body_class hook arguments.
  • Fixed: Plugin::get_opcache_status() -> OPcache File Cache Only -> Use getATime instead of getMTime to match with in-memory last_used_timestamp.
  • Fixed: Overview -> Object Cache -> Data is not updated when opcache is not available.
  • Fixed: Overview -> Flush Object Cache -> Immediately remove the cache file instead of truncate.
  • Added: WP-CLI command -> flush:transient, flush:advcpost, flush:menucache.
  • Added: wp_cache_flush_runtime(), wp_cache_*_multiple() functions.
  • Added: wp_cache_flush_group_match() -> Remove cache file match with the group name in files.
  • Added: WP_Object_Cache::dc_stalecache_filter() -> Capture cache key pattern match with the stale cache.
  • Added: WP_Object_Cache::add_stalecache() -> Set a list of stale cache to remove when Object Cache shutdown.
  • Added: Configuration -> Admin Interface -> Additional Flush Cache Action Button.
  • Added: Configuration -> Cache Options -> Post Caching Any Post Type.
  • Added: Configuration -> Storage Options -> Chunk Cache Directory, Auto Remove Stale Cache, Cache Files Limit, Cache Disk Limit.
  • Added: Opcache Viewer -> Possible to display a notice if the current site path has been blacklisted in opcache.blacklist_filename directive.
  • Added: DOCKET_CACHE_CHUNKCACHEDIR constant to enable chunk cache files into a smaller directory to avoid an excessive number of cache files in a single directory.
  • Added: DOCKET_CACHE_ADVCPOST_POSTTYPE constant to allow cache other post types.
  • Added: DOCKET_CACHE_ADVCPOST_POSTTYPE_ALL constant to allow cache any post types.
  • Added: DOCKET_CACHE_FLUSH_STALECACHE constant to enable auto remove stale cache.
  • Added: DOCKET_CACHE_PRECACHE_MAXLIST constant to limit cache entries per URL.
  • Added: DOCKET_CACHE_IGNORE_REQUEST constant to bypass object cache match key from POST, GET variables.

Thanks to Jordan from @websavers for improvement feedback.


  • Fixed: object-cache.php -> Checking is file object-cache-delay.txt.
  • Fixed: OPcacheView::get_usage() -> checking if opcache_statistics, memory_usage exists.
  • Fixed: Compability with OPcache File Cache Only (opcache.file_cache_only=1).
  • Added: Woo Tweaks -> Deactivate WooCommerce WP Dashboard -> Disable setup widget.
  • Added: Woo Tweaks -> Misc WooCommerce Tweaks -> Enable WooCommerce no-cache headers.
  • Added: Woo Tweaks -> Misc WooCommerce Tweaks -> Remove the WooCommerce usage tracker cron event.
  • Added: WP Tweaks -> Deactivate Browse Happy Checking.
  • Added: WP Tweaks -> Deactivate Serve Happy Checking.
  • Added: Filesystem::opcache_filecache_only() -> Determine OPcache in File Cache Only.
  • Added: Filesystem::opcache_filecache_scanfiles() -> Listing OPcache file cache.
  • Added: Filesystem::opcache_filecache_flush() -> Remove OPcache single file cache.
  • Added: Filesystem::opcache_filecache_reset() -> Empty OPcache file cache directory.
  • Updated: Symfony component -> symfony/polyfill-php80, symfony/var-exporter.
  • Updated: Advanced Post Caching tooltip description.
  • Updated: WP_Object_Cache::dc_precache() -> Ignore precache for /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php, /wp-cron.php, /xmlrpc.php, /robots.txt, /favicon.ico.
  • Updated: OPcache viewer -> layout for OPcache File Cache Only.

Thanks to @123nadav and @jibsoux for improvement feedback.


  • Added: WordPress Menu Caching.
  • Added: DOCKET_CACHE_MENUCACHE constant.

Thanks to @alriksson.


  • Fixed: Filesystem::is_opcache_enable() -> do checking PHP INI disable_functions directive.
  • Fixed: Overview -> if OPcache enable and opcache_get_status function disabled, only show “Enabled”.
  • Fixed: Flush OPcache -> show notice if opcache_reset function disabled.
  • Fixed: OPcache Viewer -> show notice if opcache_get_status, opcache_get_configuration function disabled.
  • Fixed: docketcache_runtime() -> only valid for PHP >= 7.2.5.

Thanks to @robderijk.


  • Fixed: opcacheviewer -> some filter parameters do not escape.

Thanks to Erwan from WPScan.


  • Changed: plugin options -> check critical version, disabled by default.
  • Changed: Mark 21.08.1 as a stable release.


  • Fixed: Tweaks::http_headers_expect() -> only visible to wp < 5.8 since already included in core.
  • Fixed: Filesystem::is_request_from_theme_editor() -> checking if from plugin-editor.
  • Fixed: nwdcx_unserialize() -> checking if ABSPATH and WPINC defined.
  • Tested up to 5.8.


  • Fixed: missing Becache.php in wp repo.


  • Fixed: Plugin::site_url_scheme() -> strip whitespace.
  • Fixed: Tweaks::post_missed_schedule() -> remove sort by date.
  • Fixed: Tweaks::register_tweaks() -> run register_tweaks at shutdown, lock for 3 minutes.
  • Fixed: ReqAction::exit_failed() -> missing args.
  • Fixed: ReqAction::parse_action() -> replace $_GET, $_POST conditional with $_REQUEST.
  • Fixed: Canopt::put_config() -> check file exists before unlink.
  • Fixed: WP_Object_Cache::maybe_expire() -> exclude transient key health-check-site-status-result.
  • Fixed: CronAgent::run_wpcron() -> capture hook output if any.
  • Removed: Plugin::suspend_wp_options_autoload() -> already replace with Filesystem::optimize_alloptions().
  • Added: Filesystem::keys_alloptions() -> list of core alloptions key.
  • Added: Action Hook -> ‘docketcache/action/flushcache/object’ to flush cache files.
  • Added: Becache::export() -> early cache for transient and alloptions.
  • Improved: Configuration -> change wording at Option label.
  • Improved: CronAgent::send_action() -> disconnect if object cache disabled.


  • Fixed: Normalize a filesystem path on Windows.
  • Fixed: Plugin::cleanuppost() -> Invalid counting for trash.
  • Fixed: Tweaks::woocommerce_crawling_addtochart_links() -> Checking user-agent to avoid redundancy in robots.txt.
  • Fixed: OPcache -> OPcache Config. Proper link directives name to php documentation.
  • Added: Configuration -> Actions -> Runtime code. install/uninstall runtime code.
  • Added: Configuration -> Runtime Options. Possible to handles wp debug and auto update core.
  • Added: OPcache -> OPcache Files -> Items limit selection. Limit items to display.
  • Improved: runtime code and how to handle wp constants.
  • Removed: Our sequence order to the first index in the plugin list.

Thanks to @kotyarashop for reporting an issue with robots.txt.


  • Fixed: View::code_focus() -> remove {behavior: “smooth”} to correct scroll position in firefox.
  • Fixed: OPcacheView::get_files() -> normalize files path.
  • Fixed: Filesystem::opcache_reset() -> remove additional invalidate files, issue with memory burst when run admin preloading.
  • Fixed: ReqAction::run_action() -> prevent run opcache_reset after flush object cache.
  • Fixed: Tweaks::limit_http_request() -> allows admin-ajax.php and .local hostname.
  • Added: Tweaks::woocommerce_crawling_addtochart_links() -> simple tweaks to prevent robots from crawling add-to-cart links.
  • Added: LIMITHTTPREQUEST_WHITELIST constant -> list of hostname to exclude from checking.
  • Added: Tweaks::wpdashboardnews() -> remove Events & News Feed in WP dashboard.
  • Added: Cronbot -> Run Now for single event.


  • Fixed: WpConfig::has() -> missing argument for nwdcx_throwable.

Thanks to Stanislav Khromov for testing with php 8.


  • Fixed: Plugin::is_subpage() -> opcach viewer left menu link.
  • Fixed: Filesystem::fastcgi_close() -> Theme editor failed to verify updated file.
  • Added: Tweaks::http_headers_expect() -> HTTP Request Expect header tweaks.

Thanks to Oleg for reporting an issue with Theme Editor


  • Fixed: Filesystem::chmod() -> invalid mode for file.
  • Fixed: Filesystem::define_cache_path() -> avoid checking if the cache path exists and create the content path if define.
  • Fixed: Overview -> Cache Path not same with DOCKET_CACHE_PATH, due to error at define_cache_path().
  • Added: Filesystem::mkdir_p() -> fix directory permissions issues, when web server and php has different user/group.
  • Added: Filesystem::touch() -> fix notice “Utime failed: Operation not permitted” when web server and php has different user/group.
  • Added: Filesysten::getchmod() -> gets file/dir permissions in octal format.
  • Added: sites selection for cleanup post on multisite.
  • Added: OPcache viewer.
  • Updated tested up to 5.7
  • Improved action notice at the configuration page.

Thanks to @patrickwgs for reporting an issue on bedrock installation.

Kindly refer to changelog.txt for previous changes.

Please do manually remove wp-content/object-cache.php and wp-content/cache/docket-cache if an error occurs during updates. Thanks.